UK Enterprise Awards 2021

48 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 May21335 Welding Equipment Supplier of the Year 2021 & Industrial Welding Supply Store of the Year 2021 – South West England Specialising in welding machines, consumables, PPE clothing, equipment, training and tutoring, it is clear to see why AIP Welding Services stands head and shoulders above the rest. We speak to Founder Kim Hunt about going the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction each and every time. Based in Somerset, AIP Welding Supplies Ltd (AIP) is a veritable haven for all things welding and fabrication related. Created by Co- Founder Kim Hunt in 2015, the firm’s aim is to ensure it has everything the discerning welder requires, as well as offering second-to- none customer service. “We want to keep our welders welding!” laughs Kim, who comes from a welding and fabrication background himself, starting in the industry at the tender age of just 14 years old. “Everything needed for the job, whether you require an extra standalone machine or a replacement while yours is down and out for repair… we can provide.” AIP is an independent company, managed by a passionate and enthusiastic team and led by a knowledgeable proprietor who is experienced in all aspects of tooling and techniques, pipework purging systems, material grades and certs, distortion control, weld pre and post preparation, training and tutoring, and guidance and support, really giving the company the edge over its competitors and distinguishing it from others in the market. Kim’s hands on approach and drive within the industry has made the company move on leaps and bounds since first opening six years ago and it now supersedes the needs and desires for its customers. He continues: “Our team’s passion and commitment provide the dedication to ensure the confidence we have in our products and services is felt by the current and upcoming generations of the industry.” AIP boasts a vast range of trusted brands and, alongside some of the most recognised names on the market coving each process which ensures that AIP will have something to suit every customer’s needs, from every-now-and- then hobby machines to the rugged, high performance machines. AIP is also able to support each machine with all spares and consumables required throughout its lifetime giving customers complete peace of mind. “We understand the demanding environments that welding presents,” Kim elaborates. “Therefore, all of the items you find here are of the highest quality and are tested in house before being offered to our customer base then brought to you with a level of back up and service unrivalled in the industry.” As well as providing everything needed to purchase, AIP offers a rental option too which is particularly handy if a customer is not ready to fully-commit. Whether on-site and needing a full package set up, including welder, mask, consumables, safety equipment, abrasives; whether a client is a contractor and simply looking to rent in the medium to heavy welding and fabrication sectors; or maybe it is a short-term contract and the client does not wish to commit to the full capital outlay - AIP’s rental service also allows its customers to try new machines or welding processes before committing to buying. “Basically, if you’ve never tried aluminium TIG welding, but feel you wish to venture into that type of process, renting could give you the answers you need,” Kim explains further. Aip has an enormous amount of passion for the welding and fabrication industry and the shear skill sets people in the trade hold: “Our biggest drive and passion are to encourage the next generations coming into the industry as well as supporting the long-standing generations that deserve the respect and appreciation which seems to have been lost over the years… We believe in supporting colleges and companies with apprenticeships is a key factor to this and have an apprenticeship incentive program in place to do this” Kim adds. AIP has the largest container holder for quantity and range of BOC gases in the southwest, with more than a decade of experience working alongside BOC with its predecessor company. AIP has a well-established relationship with all