UK Enterprise Awards 2021

60 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Jun21133 Best Stock Clearance Purchasing Enterprise 2021 Helping small and large companies around the globe to clear excess and unwanted stock, is known for its friendly people, fast decisions and great deals! We speak to Group Purchasing Director, Wayne Boucher, to find out more about the company and reveal the secret to its success! is Europe’s largest clearance house, which means it buys and sells clearance, liquidated, end of line, and bankrupt stock. It is a business-to-business company which deals with a wide variety of industries, making fast deals to help organisations when they are in urgent need of selling off their inventory. “Our principles are based on straightforward trading,” explains Group Purchasing Director, Wayne Boucher. “We buy and sell stock, assets, businesses, and property. We aim to use our solid principles to develop good, long-standing, and mutually profitable business relationships.” With core values centred around trust, integrity, continuity, excellence, and participation, seeks to offer complete transparency to its clients, building levels of credibility and ensuring it maintains high professional standards at all times. “We seek to be the leaders of the buying and selling of liquidated stock in the United Kingdom by providing an exceptional variety of products and excellent customer service that provides strong growth for our customers,” Wayne elaborates. The company’s main clientele are predominantly businesses wanting to get rid of stock, however also partners with liquidators and insolvency practitioners to assist them with a company by offering an alternative to going to auction. This involves buying their inventory as a job lot which provides them with a guaranteed price and speeds up the entire liquidation process. also works with administrators, freight forwarders, solicitors, auctioneers, delivery couriers, manufacturers, eBay and Amazon retailers, wholesalers, distributors, independent traders, small business owners, and large multi-nationals. “We know how important time is for our clients in these situations so we make deals within 24 hours, and we also have a guarantee that we will not be beaten on price,” Wayne continues, explaining the firm’s unique selling points and key differentiators. “The environment is very important to us, we operate with a 100% green ethical code, using only environmentally friendly logistics, which is something, not all our competitors prioritise.” regularly gets approached by its customers via email offering it stock, although it is also contacted via phone and social media platforms. To be able to view the stock on the company website, potential purchasers are required to fill in a short form with their details, and from here they be added to an emailing list to receive weekly email promotions. The marketing team also runs Facebook paid ads which generate new business, it has attended many NEC trade shows which formed many client relationships that are still ongoing, and it has a large and active client base on WhatsApp that has been growing over the years and which gets priority when it comes to advertising new stock for sale. It is not all about acquiring the right products, however, and Wayne goes on to tell us just how important the skilled team behind the scenes are to the company’s overriding success. “Our team knows how to expedite deal-making negotiations, allowing quick payments and collection of merchandise. We bring with us more than 10 years of experience steeped in the world of liquidated stock. Our experienced team is our strength. We carry out a SWOT analysis to our organisation’s advantage every month and, between us, we deliver operational excellence and fuel strategic growth.” Despite the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, and bringing many industries to their knees, last year was an incredible year for due to a combination of high-volume trade deals and high sales of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). “We have benefitted from our client’s previous suppliers being unable to support them due to the pandemic,” explains Wayne. “This has enabled us to extend our services to both buyers and sellers, who deal with high volumes of stock. This year’s events have positioned us at the forefront of the industry and have equipped us with the reputation to pursue and secure further deals going forward.” Moving forward,’s projection for 2021, as it stands without further investment at present, is an astounding turnover of £40 million. “The profit margin of this figure, we estimate to be £600,000. Our projections for turnover for the three years between 2021 and 2023 is £148 million with a profit of £2.22 million.” Having gone from strength-to-strength, and not only clearly weathering the Covid storm successfully but profiting from it, there’s no more deserving winner of the prestigious accolade of Best Stock Clearance Purchasing Enterprise 2021 than Contact: Wayne Boucher Company: Web Address: