UK Enterprise Awards 2021

62 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Jun21157 Best Temporary Protection Products Supplier & Manufacturer – UK & Ireland As the founder of a range of unique total temporary protection brands, built with the goal to provide quality products and service, SP Group Global is leading the way in the protection products industry. We speak to Nick Munster, the Group’s Managing Director, about its commitment to excellence and what the future holds. SP Group Global Ltd (SP Group) is one of the leading and most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of total temporary protection products in the UK and Ireland and has been since its inception in the 1990s. Specialising in consumable items that are used on site to protect products and services from damage during building construction, refurbishment and fit-out, what started from one range of products, is now a global supplier of eight TTP ranges fit for all needs and purposes. The firm has been supplying the construction industry with its exceptional products and services for more than 30 years, and is renowned and trusted throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. “We pride ourselves on excellent customer service that is quick and efficient, and prices that are competitive and worth your investment,” states Managing Director Nick Munster. “Our mission is to be a resourceful, reliable, and dependable global supplier of specialist protection solutions. We aim to wow our customers by providing exceptional quality products and services.” The company’s core values are centred around integrity, loyalty, accountability and being value driven. “These values,” elaborates Nick, “shape our culture and our decision making, helping us contribute to a stable working environment. Innovation is important to us. We strive to remain efficient and lean, ensuring a high level of service at a competitive price.” “Our core values have been in place for years at SP Group and we still view them as an essential part of our DNA and code of practice.” SP Group has clients in all different areas of the construction sector, selling to trade and looking to provide a solution for all. One of its unique selling points is the dedicated customer service team that is responsive to all of its customers needs. “Our tagline is “Quick, Efficient & Competitive” because that is what we are!” Nick enthuses. “We “stand out in the crowd” with our next day delivery service, our unique brand of products and our expert knowledge based on years of experience in the temporary protection field.” Of course, it’s not all about having a great product (although it helps!) and Nick is keen to highlight the fantastic and dedicated team of hard workers who go above and beyond for the firm. “SP Group was founded as a family business,” he says. “As the business continues to expand, we feel that retaining this family feel is important. It offers a feeling of warmth and integrity both internally with staff and externally with our customers and suppliers. We recognise our staff as the main asset of our business. Each team member has a vital role in driving the company forward to achieve its goals.” When looking to recruit new talent, Nick tells us that there are two particular areas which are vital to working at SP Group. These being: Innovation - How will this individual help the business move forward? And Adaptability – How will they adapt to the existing business culture? “We see the balance between these two areas as important,” he elaborates further. “Innovation and improvement are vital and needed, yet they have to be implemented in the right way for the business, in line with the company’s core values and culture.” Recently, with all the turmoil and turbulence caused by both Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, SP Group has faced many new challenges. In relation to Brexit, many businesses have found rising costs of supply and delivery to be a particular issue, however due to good stock maintenance and having a range of suppliers at its disposal, SP Group has fared better than many in the industry. “With a flexible approach and good communication with customers and suppliers, our operations have continued at pace and we have avoided some of the extreme price hikes that some companies have experienced.” With regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, SP Group experienced many unprecedented obstacles in its path however, again due to prudential management of its resources and being in a strong financial position, it also came through the pandemic in good shape. “Whilst we took steps to follow and comply with government guidance, never once did we have to close our doors and stop our operations,” Nick