UK Enterprise Awards 2021

UK Enterprise Awards 2021 | 63 SP Group Global Ltd says, proudly. “We have consistently remained open for business, a tribute to the hard work and resourcefulness of our staff and directors.” When the construction industry in the UK and Ireland went into lockdown, SP Group took steps to readdress its business plan. Whilst it focused on efficiencies and conserving cash, it also found a number of opportunities opening up. “As a result, we have expanded into new markets and territories and the last six months has seen a significant increase in turnover. Existing customers have remained with us and new customer accounts continue to be added. We remain well positioned moving forward. “Our new normal has a solid foundation!” Having recently been awarded the title of Best Temporary Protection Products Manufacturer & Supplier– UK & Ireland, it’s clear that the future is looking bright for the company. In line with its culture and core values, SP Group plans to continue to look for ways to innovate, with exciting developments for 2021 including a new warehouse to further expand and streamline its operations, representing a sizeable capital investment and demonstrating the company’s commitment to growth and productivity. This year has also seen a new website for e-commerce go live, showcasing the quality range of products, as well as setting aside additional funding in relation to e-business. “We are investing in our IT capability as we continue to systemise our approach to business analysis,” Nick says. “Our aim is to identify how we can provide a better customer experience as we want to continue to be there to meet the needs as business continues to open up post lockdown. “SP Group is here to stay!” Contact: Nick Munster Company: SP Group Global Ltd Web Address: