UK Enterprise Awards 2021

66 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Jun21367 Best Dress Designs & Alterations Boutique - Glasgow An exemplary, bespoke, and highly sought-after tailoring shop, The Fabric of Dreams has developed a reputation for bringing even the most imaginative of ideas to life. Whether it is working for a wedding party, an individual seeking repairs to a beloved garment that is a little worse for wear, or creating a multitude of garments for a children’s dance show, it promises to always take on any challenge with confidence and the promise of a stunning, fit-to-purpose result. The Fabric of Dreams is a store operating out of Glasgow that takes great pride in being able to make a customer’s vision a reality. Whatever dress, fabric, or creation they’re looking for, Fabric of Dreams strives to be able to create something that is totally unique and can be treasured for years to come, working with clients in order to bring dreams to life and prove that no job is too big or too small. Fundamentally, its specialties lie in bespoke and heavily tailored fabric creations based on what the customer’s occasion, specifications, and other requirements are, as well as alterations and repairs that will allow old garments to be given a new lease of life. In essence, its passion is in creating pieces for a client’s wardrobe that will allow them to be excited about clothing and fabric. It allows clients to exercise their imagination and truly envision anything they want, confident that no matter how complicated or esoteric, it will be able to make it happen. Fabric of Dreams’ alteration services also work in everything from shortening to lengthening, zip replacement, seam repair, and more, allowing a client to rest assured that their beloved garments will be well taken care of and come out better than new. Furthermore, in order to see examples of its work, it displays a vast array of its talents and proficiencies through its website for the perusal of prospective customers. It also invites interested parties to come by the shop proper, always happy and willing to chat to a customer about what they might want, and how Fabric of Dreams can be of help; in this way, it shows the dedication to customer service that has made it such a gem of its local area. Essentially, it treats each customer with the excitement and enthusiasm that the task they present deserves, happy to delve into as much or as little of the details of its work as a client wishes to hear, as well to show off how its work has helped its clients in the past. In this way, it has also gained renown as an exemplary supplier of bespoke wedding dresses. Whether for the bridal party or the bride themself, Fabric of Dreams is dedicated to creating a design and a dress that will mirror that individual’s unique style and sensibilities, developing a piece that they will feel confident and happy in on their special day. Furthermore, right from the initial consultation, it prioritises getting every detail just right. From the style to the detailing, every element of the gown will have been chosen with the client’s input and personality in mind, ensuring that Fabric of Dreams can get to know them as a person and pick out the most flattering cuts, colours, and embellishments. It is the Fabric of Dreams promise that no matter what the wedding’s style or theme is, no matter how strict the specifications, it will be able to step up to the plate. Fabric of Dreams, in addition, has developed a reputation for empathic and intuitive ways of working. This has been instrumental in building up the wedding clientele in the manner it has been able to, as even if a client doesn’t have a massively set in stone idea of what they’d want from their garment, Fabric of Dreams can help them to find something they can be enthused about. Its wedding dresses, consequentially, will always be perfectly made for that individual. Similarly, it offers prom and events dresses that are created with that same mentality of prizing the individuality of the client and developing something the mirrors what they wish to embody with an outfit. Fabric of Dreams is pleased to be able to take its time to tease the information it will need to come up with something totally unlike anything anyone else will be wearing, that still fits in well with a theme, colour scheme, or other requirements, depending on the event at hand. In a word – as made clear by the testimonials and glowing reviews of its clients – Fabric of Dreams’ work is always ‘unforgettable’. This in tandem with the portfolio it is able to present has increased the reliability that flows through it, as its clients can always put their trust in it when it comes to bespoke tailoring and fabric creations, developing magical pieces for magical nights. This also goes for dancing and special garments. Therefore, when it comes to developing these, it will work hard to ensure that the garment it as utilitarian as it is stunning; it knows that for many dance outfits, the flow and drape of the fabric is just as important as the overall look. This fuels its dedication to turn a client’s idea into something that is just as practical as it is beautiful, and it has applied this knowledge for a multitude of dance and theatrical troupes in the past, especially children’s dance groups, showing its proficiency in creating not just one exemplary piece, but a multitude. At its core, Fabric of Dreams is empowered by the happiness that it sees in its client’s faces when they can see their visions brought to life before them for the first time – and it wishes to make this happen for as many people as possible, as it believes everyone should be able to experience that feeling. Additionally, once a client has gotten a taste for how brilliant its work is and how much it can make anything happen, it often finds them coming back again and again. Fabric of Dreams is always welcoming and warm, appreciative