UK Enterprise Awards 2021

UK Enterprise Awards 2021 | 67 The Fabric of Dreams of any and all return customers, and excited to show them with a different piece of fabric that the quality of its work is as consistent as the friendliness of its customer service. Everyone who walks through its doors can reliably expect exemplary treatment, outstanding interactions with staff, and a reassurance that they can trust Fabric of Dreams with their projects. Alongside all of these fabulous fabric creation offerings, it also offers other stunning bespoke fabric products. From toys to gifts, bags, and all manner of other things limited only by one’s imagination, it can offer the creation of any fabric-based project that a client may have in mind. Moreover, in this manner, Fabric of Dreams will never shy away from a challenge, instead committing itself to taking all manner of client requests and goals and turning them into the best of the best, both in individuality and in overall quality. Being such a well-loved jewel in the crown of Clydebank’s retail sector, Fabric of Dreams would like to take a moment to thank all the clients who have supported it over the years. Its brilliant team – all of whom are pleased to be welcoming customers back into the shop again – are forever grateful that so manner clients have so far put their trust in it to develop and create their dream garments. It hopes to continue doing this long into the future, encouraging clients to come to them with their next idea so that by working together, it can be realised. Company: The Fabric of Dreams Contact: Anna Duda Website: