UK Enterprise Awards 2021

UK Enterprise Awards 2021 | 81 Encore Environment “We provide construction companies with a strategic approach to waste continuity that is better for the environment, the local community and its client’s bottom line.” Construction companies are responsible for the environmental impact of their site, therefore in order to meet standards, gain certification or meet council regulations, they must demonstrate that they are making improvements to become more sustainable. However, it is not acceptable for companies to accept on behalf of their clients a blanket 98% recycling rate from the waste supply chain. This is not ‘their waste’ but that of all waste received to one destination. Construction companies can demonstrate, if planned and forecasted correctly, 100% end destination, 100% re-use, and a 100% recycle rate depending on the where the waste/ resource has been sent to. “If their waste target for zero carbon is ‘zero waste to landfill’, then it’s already not good enough!” Rachel exclaims. “Encore Environment has found that while targets are in place within environmental audits to lower the carbon impact of waste materials, few have the data measurements and importantly the carbon track and trace methods which can help reduce carbon through the project life cycle. “The fact that no one collates this data is a problem in itself and one Encore Environment is currently trying to solve using its carbon track and trace technology.” Building a collective voice To help bring the supply chain together, Encore Environment launched the ‘Enviro Game Changers’ network to give the construction supply chain a platform to learn, promote and share environmental sustainability expertise and knowledge. The network aims to empower its members through collaborative thinking and action to influence their client’s environmental strategies, focusing on priority areas such as reuse and recycling, waste management, social value, and carbon reduction. “On our own, we may be small but through increased collaboration and knowledge transfer, we are giving the supply chain – the dryliners, the paint processers, the raised flooring specialists – a resource for creating value and a platform for promoting it which can influence tender decisions and potentially frameworks.” Driving social value Waste Wise Kids was founded by Encore Environment’s Directors as a non-profit organisation in 2019. It provides UK primary schools with an educational programme that teaches children (aged 4-12) about the waste hierarchy and its impact on the environment in a fun, easy to understand way. Children are actively encouraged to think about the waste created at home and school, and ways they can reduce, reuse, repurpose or recycle. This is an invaluable amalgamation of industry expertise and educational experts helping schools to teach life-long skills in handling waste, protecting the environment and sustainability best practice which is going to be so important for future generations. “The objective is to create a community of like-minded individuals and businesses that support young people learning about waste and sustainability,” concludes Rachel. “Through a membership scheme, businesses and individuals can be actively involved and it generates a recurring and growing revenue stream to help cover operational costs. It’s having a hugely positive social impact as the reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle messaging cascades down from schools, to children, parents, businesses and the wider community. The initiative, although in its early days, has already been shortlisted as a finalist for a national social value award and has appeared on the BBC and national education press. Encore offers its clients the opportunity to become a member, which also provides them with demonstrative value, as they bring their expertise to the table to help educate the next generation.” Commenting on the award, Rachel said: “We are delighted to have won this award and been recognised for the waste management and environmental consultancy services we provide. We have definitely had to adapt over the last year, however this is the benefit of being an SME. We are nimble, we think outside the box and can help support our clients with innovation when they are looking for support. Our focus is to continue to identify and implement key value drivers that will help our clients have the greatest impact of value on the environment and local communities, as part of their waste management strategies.” Contact: Rachel Rowley Company: Encore Environment Web Address: