UK Enterprise Awards 2021

82 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Jun21221 Leading Suppliers of Rubber Roofing 2021 Rubber Roofing Direct is an EPDM rubber roofing specialist providing many different EPDM roofing systems, as well as providing support and aftersales care. We speak to Managing Director and Founder, Dale Acomb, about the company and everything it has to offer. Rubber Roofing Direct is a leading national online supplier of EPDM rubber roofing systems. Featuring next day delivery, fast and secure checkout, online tutorial videos and a UK-based training centre, Rubber Roofing Direct has become renowned within the industry for its experience and professionalism. The company was founded by Managing Director, Dale Acomb, an EPDM expert with more than 20 years’ experience in the flat roofing industry. Dale has worked with just about every flat roofing material available to gain valuable knowledge and to understand exactly what works and what doesn’t. Building the company around a specialist team that also has real experience of roofing means that Rubber Roofing Direct is more than just a retailer – the dedicated staff understand the different systems on the market and the pros and cons of each and every one. For customers, this translates into extensive technical knowledge and reliable and helpful customer support. It’s one aspect that differentiates Rubber Roofing Direct from the competition and has helped it to quickly establish an excellent reputation across the UK. “Whether you are a professional roofer ordering EPDM rubber roofing membranes and materials on a regular basis or a DIY enthusiast repairing or replacing a shed, garage, or flat roof, we have the rubber roofing knowledge, skills, and products to help you in choosing the right roofing material, available at incredible prices,” explains Dale. “That’s why thousands of trade roofers and DIYers rely on us!” So, what are the benefits of EPDM roofing? Numerous flat roofing specialists and DIY enthusiasts appreciate EPDM rubber because it combines a lot of excellent advantages. Some of the main benefits that can be achieved from such a roofing system include: Cost-Efficiency: An EPDM flat roof is a fantastic solution for any home or business owner that needs to take thorough care of their building. Rubber Roofing Direct’s rubber roofing will provide a high-quality long term flat roofing system and, when correctly installed, it will last for more than 50 years. Heat and Cold Resistance: EPDM flat roofing systems can be installed in areas subject to extreme weather conditions. Even in very high or low temperatures and direct sunlight, an EPDM flat roof will not split or crack. Easy Installation: With essential tools and some basic DIY skills, the installation of rubber flat roofing is very straightforward, and may not need any help from a specialist. Standard rolls start from 1 meter up to 15 meters by 30 meters long, so it can just be rolled out and cover a large roof area much quicker than most felt and liquid systems. Algae and Moss Resistance: If moss and algae is a problem, an EPDM flat roofing project is an excellent solution. This material does not create a friendly environment for such organisms, so there will not be much maintenance of a rubber roof. Longevity: Rubber flat roofing systems, when correctly installed, have superb life spans and a life expectancy of over 50 years. For this reason, it is a long-term investment that will service most properties trouble-free for years to come. Moreover, at Rubber Roofing Direct, you won’t just be talking to a salesperson as all the staff are experienced and fully understand the product. “We’ll answer any technical on-site questions you may have, and we’ll give you all the expert advice you want from our team of physically experienced roofers,” Dale says. There’s even a one-day course available at the company’s training centre in Dorking in EPDM installation where Rubber Roofing Direct will ensure that attendants fully understand the materials, their uses and application and, upon successful completion of the course, will leave as a certified installer of EPDM. Dale enthuses: “It will give you an extra string to your business bow, as your certification will give customers a greater assurance of your credibility AND when we receive customer enquiries in your area, we’ll pass them on to you – it’s a win-win situation.” If a course is not for you, then the online shop features professional installation videos that show you how to create the perfect new rubber roof and save a few pounds in the bargain. At Rubber Roofing Direct, customers have the option to compare before they purchase, ensuring that they have the perfect product for the job in hand. Plus, there is complete peace of mind with Rubber Roofing Direct as the eco- friendly product has a 50-year life expectancy, with a 20-year rubber membrane guarantee, and the firm also offers a certified installer, if needed. Recently, Rubber Roofing Direct was awarded the prestigious title of Leading Supplier of Rubber Roofing 2021, which is testament to the dedication, hard work and skill that underpins the company, making it the first choice for traders and DIY enthusiasts everywhere! Contact: Dale Acomb Web Address: