UK Enterprise Awards 2021

90 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Jun21714 Best Interim Recruitment Organisation 2021 Membership Bespoke is a specialist recruitment organisation in the UK, working with Trade Associations, Professional Bodies, Regulatory Bodies and Political Parties. It offers a unique recruitment service crafted to the needs of each membership organisation. Here, it has won an award for its work with interim job positions that it fills, alongside being a well-respected permanent and temporary job recruitment organisation. With 10 years of experience, Membership Bespoke believes that every company team member should be valued just as much as the next, as each organisation’s team is the backbone of its success. It prides itself on the notion that the individuals who work for it are “people people.” There to help as many clients and candidates as possible, with experienced customer service and exceptional interpersonal skills, each employee at Membership Bespoke has been trained to be there for the clients using their innovative solutions and respectful mannerisms. Established in 2012 by Daniel Goddard and Dennis Howes, it has become the only membership specialist recruitment organisation that offers a tailor-made experience for the needs of particular membership businesses. Its desire is finding the right people for the roles required so that everyone can get along and grow together. Pace, Passion, Insight, and Integrity is its mission and vision for the work that it carries out for its clients. Believing in brilliant customer service that leaves clients happy, it provides the best of care for each organisation that it works with. Over the last 10 years, all of the team have formed lasting relationships with one another and with clients all over the UK. With their pristine professionalism and positive attitudes, the Membership Bespoke team has been making a difference to thousands of individuals spread across varied industries. The people that represent an organisation are the faces of the company, and will inevitably play a huge part in the image of the organisation overall. It’s not just what the organisation delivers but how its staff members present and endorse it. The team at Membership Bespoke therefore believe in excellent customer service and the best form of candidate care within the industry, so that it can build and sustain long-term relationships with the people that it works with. As a friendly group of people, Membership Bespoke is a down-to-earth company looking to make a huge difference in the recruitment industry. With passion and a wealth of experience, it aims to stay committed to the business and the individuals that it is building relationships with. By being the only specialist recruiter in the membership field, Membership Bespoke understands what each professional organisation needs, and can therefore match them up with the best individuals for the job. As it is the only membership related candidate database in existence, organisations can rely on Membership Bespoke to find them an employee that is perfect for the interim period. Bespoke works to find the very best talent for its clients, and by successfully placing gifted and compassionate people into every department, it is helping across a wide variety of sectors. With a talent pool of 15,000 pre-qualified candidates, Membership Bespoke helps companies and associations to employ senior executives, managers, heads of departments, directors, and senior board level professionals. These jobs are normally between 30k to 120k and are the high- level jobs that usually require more leadership and managerial skill sets. Membership Bespoke matches candidates that are in public affairs, policies, finance membership, customer service, HR, marketing,