UK Enterprise Awards 2022

163 | UK Enterprise Awards 2022 with the title of Best Purpose-Driven Copywriter. And now it seems that the sky is the limit for the young entrepreneur. “What differentiates me is my desire to empower the business owner’s authentic voice. In copywriting the focus tends to be on writing for your audience – which is absolutely correct and what I also practise and teach. However, when your business is aligned with who you truly are, this creates a strong connection between you and the people you’re best-placed to serve. This in turn means that you can write in a way that feels natural to you, while still serving your audience of ideal clients and optimising your copy with the right techniques.” Contact: Danielle Styles Web Address: LinkedIn: Experienced copywriter and copywriting coach, Danielle Styles, tells us more about her work and why striking a chord with your desired audience is oh so important. We find out more in the wake of her being recognised for her endeavours in the UK Enterprise Awards 2022. Danielle Styles is a conscious copywriter and copywriting coach. Her clients are service-providing entrepreneurs whose businesses are an expression of their innate gifts, passion and sense of purpose. They include coaches, facilitators and creatives such as musicians and photographers. “I empower them to craft ‘pitch-perfect’ copy,” Danielle elaborates. “By pitch-perfect I mean copy that’s in tune with their true voice and also resonates with their ideal clients, inspiring more of the right people to say ‘yes’ to what they offer.” Danielle’s clients see their website copy and marketing content as one of the key pillars of their business, therefore they want to communicate in a powerful, authentic way, but often struggle to find the right words by themselves. Her services at Capo Copy are designed to help them clearly articulate what they do, engage their audience and do justice to their truly valuable work. Danielle has been a copywriter for 10 years and, although the business has evolved through different specialisms, she started to take a purpose-driven approach exceedingly early on. “I’ve always wanted to amplify the voices of organisations and individuals creating a positive impact,” she explains. “I began by focusing on serving charities, and later carved out a niche as a copywriter and brand strategist for purpose-led businesses, including social enterprises. Over the years I’ve written for organisations big and small, including National Trust, Charities Aid Foundation, Greenpeace UK and Great Western Credit Union, as well as some of the most inspiring independent businesses from my hometown of Bristol.” Like many entrepreneurs, the pandemic has caused Danielle to pause, reflect and clarify the future she genuinely wants to create – both for herself and in terms of the wider impact. The lockdowns provided the perfect opportunity to put more time into another big passion in her life, which is singing and music, and she subsequently started a second business, ‘Bird Flies Free’, in which she works as a vocal improvisation coach for performance-shy, creatively blocked singers who long to unlock their creative voice and share it with others. “Starting my second business inspired me to redefine my niche for Capo Copy. I’ve found so much fulfilment in running Bird Flies Free because it’s so ‘me’ – catering to my artistic nature as well as my natural tendency to nurture and support others. This clarified for me that I wanted to fully focus Capo Copy on serviceproviders in similar creative, coaching and/or nurturing roles, who are also following the path of being fully themselves in business.” With this redefined niche, Danielle is also moving the focus of Capo Copy away from traditional, done-for-you copywriting towards a range of services designed to empower her clients to write their own copy. These have been trialled among contacts in her network over many months, but the plan is to officially launch them this autumn. They will include coaching workshops to clarify the client’s ideal client and niche, and then there will be a programme to take these clients from defining their copywriting strategy to planning and writing their pitch-perfect copy. “Coaching my clients to write their own copy does involve an initial investment of their energy and time,” says Danielle. “However, with copywriting coaching they gain valuable skills for life, which could save them significant amounts of money that they might otherwise spend on a done-foryou copywriting service. It’s also tremendously empowering when you have the clarity and tools to know how to speak about your business, and to do so in your own authentic voice. It can really energise you as an entrepreneur and bring a sense of flow and ease.” Recently, Danielle was rewarded for her hard work with Capo Copy when she was recognised in the UK Enterprise Awards 2022 and bestowed Jun22357 Best Purpose-Driven Copywriter 2022: Danielle Styles