UK Enterprise Awards 2022

56 | UK Enterprise Awards 2022 • To clearly ascertain a client’s needs. • Provide a concise solution that works best for what the team has learned. Accounting is progressively changing –the pandemic brought both damage and new beginnings and the market transforming as clients have changed its choices in accounting services. No longer content with just basic accounting services, clients are seeking partners who can help make business grow, to help in catching market trends and to answer questions about the finances and financial side of the organisation. This little-by-little change has been noted by White Accountancy, looking to become a ‘growth studio’ and better suited to educate and grow the businesses of its clients. 2022 is marking a shift for the business, giving it more focus for the future. Its current focus is to A team of competent, efficient, and well-established accountants is not easy to find. Nor one both personable and professional enough to aid a company’s growth and share its knowledge as it works. Fortunately, a great example of all the above is White Accountancy, The Best Financial Services & Education Firm in West London. White Accountancy is well known for its financial services This West London firm has ten years of experience in its field and has served over 7,000 clients. The company is entirely person-centred, communicating openly with its community and clients so that all sides have everything necessary for an informed decision. With a unique approach, it invests its time and energy in customer needs before everything else. To educate, share, and grow are the core values dictating the firm’s practices, paving the way for its success over the past decade. Amongst its accolades is the sizeable reduction of taxes and penalties it has leveraged for its clients, having saved £3million in taxes and a further £3million in reduced or cancelled penalties. There is a strict focus on growth by learning, all feedback (positive and negative) is spun into an opportunity to learn and do better. The business has a strong ambition to become the undisputed market leader for Lithuanian accounting companies in England, performing this with its three major steps: • To respond quickly and effectively to all client issues, promising a response within 24 hours. Best Financial Services & Education Firm – West London May22233 To educate, share, and grow are the core values dictating the firm’s practices, paving the way for its success over the past decade. provide financial information, share knowledge, and help other businesses to grow. This is a continuation of the company’s values of investing in its customer’s needs. The world, country, and sector are constantly changing, and White Accountancy has kept its finger on the pulse – changing with the times.. By providing both its accounting services and knowledge to its clients, the business stands apart from others in the field as an open, personable, and strictly efficient – and effective – accountancy firm. Well deserving of the award for Best Financial Services & Education Firm – West London, its continued growth and successes are expected. Contact: Valentina White Company: WHITE ACCOUNTANCY. Web Address: