UK Enterprise Awards 2022

62 | UK Enterprise Awards 2022 For babies, aid for a variety of feedings options – breast, bottle, and cup feeding – information and teaching on looking out for problems and illness as well as general baby care. There is active care for those having gone through caesarean section, instrumental delivery or sustained a perineal tear, looking to prevent infection. Providing other care to bolster emotional, psychological, and physical health following delivery. Cheryl’s goal is to help mothers and babies safely recuperate following childbirth whilst fostering a warm, healthy, and loving relationship between the mother and child in the process. Working from as little as a single day to as long as six months on longer contracts, her client’s satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Though it is a great business and a noble goal, Cheryl has not been immune from the problems the pandemic has laid on us all. Seeing a dramatic decrease in bookings for consultation and assistance during the lockdowns, but that in no way stopped her from helping. She created a suite of tools and services for new mothers to use online, including a comprehensive Breastfeeding Support Guide, Interview Tips on what to ask a maternity nurse hosts a blog on her website with pages of valuable tips and tricks for new parents to For the second year in a row, we find Cheryl Foster as the Maternity Nurse of the Year, continuing to provide excellent support and guidance through one of the most gruelling periods in a new mother and child’s life. In 2016, Cheryl Foster decided to leverage her previous years of midwifery and maternity nurse experience into her consultancy service: Maternity Mum. Decades of experience, education, and empathy (accumulated over 20 years) are used to assist and care for new mothers and their babies. Cheryl has always been open about her love for nurturing the relationships between parents, families, and newborn babies. She delivers holistic care based on both her own extensive experience and research within the field. Cheryl subsequently empowers mothers and allows them to make important and informed choices and parenting decisions whilst providing professional, one-to-one care. Providing 24-hour live-in maternity nurse services (25/6 or 24/5) on six to twelve-week contracts by default across the country and abroad. However, these contracts are also flexible, with the day or night maternity services completely flexible for individual customers’ needs. Cheryl also offers night nanny services and specialist care for mothers and babies. Maternity Nurse of the Year 2022: Cheryl Foster May22247 Decades of experience, education, and empathy (accumulated over 20 years) are used to assist and care for new mothers and their babies. take advantage of. All completely free. Antenatal and postnatal care from a woman with experience is something you can guarantee with Cheryl. Fully insured with an enhanced DBS, a first-aid certificate for paediatric care, a full driving licence and – importantly – excellent references, Cheryl is well equipped and willing to work across the nation and overseas, to ensure any new parent in need of professional help and support with their new baby receives the best. Contact: Cheryl Foster Company: Maternity Mum Web Address: