UK Enterprise Awards 2022

96 | UK Enterprise Awards 2022 Dorset-based company, Prop Options, are leading the way in innovative cake stand design and manufacture. Company directors, Emily Lamb and Brad Young have fast gained a reputation in the industry for delivering high-quality products that bring a sophisticated and modern touch to any occasion. The pair always aim to be one step ahead of the curve with their trend-setting designs. Known for its extensive range of premium cake stands, accessories and event props, Prop Options products bring flair and creativity to any occasion. The company designs and manufactures all its own products in-house. As well as its off-the-peg range of luxury cake stands, serving boards, cake separators, and event props, Prop Options also offers its clients a professional bespoke design service. Emily tells us, “We’re a small family business. We work hard to provide unique stands that fit with the latest cake trends. We’re proud of the quality of our products and the excellent customer experience we deliver.” Using only industry-approved, food-grade materials, Prop Options is committed to supporting original designers and businesses in the industry as well as its own growing team. Emily says, “We’re proud to be at the forefront of our industry. We deliver innovative designs and products that provide the tools used to shape current cake trends. We‘re passionate about offering distinctive, sophisticated, and modern touches to every wedding or occasion. We lovingly bring each product to life, assuring outstanding quality every time.” The team at Prop Options works hard to ensure every prop is up to the job. And there’s always someone on hand to offer expert advice and guidance. The company’s consistency and attention to detail, as well as its passion for new development, have helped cement Prop Options’ place as a trusted partner in the industry. Emily tells us of the recent challenges Prop Options has faced. She shares, “Understanding how to protect our original designs was challenging but essential. Many competitors use substandard materials. These are not always food-safe or as durable and strong. Also, in recent times, we have also found managing the speed of growth within our business somewhat of a challenge. We work tirelessly to ensure our core values are not jeopardised as we grow to become a larger company.” As industry trend-setters, Prop Options have seen the use of cake separators and spacers gain huge popularity. These props enable designers to achieve height and glamour without having to add more cake tiers. This creates a stunning effect without blowing the budget. Prop Options now offers the largest selection of cake separators on the global market. One of the company’s latest creations is The Cake Compass. This innovative and revolutionary decorating aid is designed to transform the cake decoration process for bakers. The company plans to develop this product further. Its aim being to launch the entire range on a global scale. The company’s immediate plans for the future centre around its global operation, Brad explains, “We’re moving towards landing a range of our signature products in key locations around the globe. This will provide ultimate flexibility and value for our international clients. We’ve recently secured stockists in Canada and Romania, and we’re also working on key locations including France, the US, and Australia.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that Prop Options will be neglecting its domestic operations, Emily says, “We continually strive to improve our dedication to our loyal customer base. We are forever grateful for the support of our UK market. It’s played a huge role in shaping the path of our business.” As well as maintaining its exceptional level of service, quality, and innovation, Prop Options May22474 Most Innovative Cake Stand Designers 2022 will be heading out on the road. The company will be looking to become more involved in the community by attending national and international events, wedding fairs and baking schools. Look out for Prop Options at an event near you – or check out the company website for more details. Contact: Emily Lamb & Brad Young Company: Prop Options Web Address: