UK Finance Awards 2022

15 | UK Finance Awards 2022 of sell side organisation and covers client relations and interactions for all the functions of an investment bank or IRP,” Stuart explains. “This ‘One Bank” strategic approach includes Sales, Trading, Research, Investment Banking, Corporate Access, Operations and Compliance, so our clients can achieve a comprehensive understanding of their client activity, coupled with powerful analytics powered by AI which give insights and guided next actions.” Singletrack aims to partner client firms closely from the start: “We manage all our own implementations,” Stuart explains. “Our team of dedicated experts understands capital markets workflows and can achieve complex go-lives in tight timescales with minimal disruption.” And it doesn’t stop there - regular updates have secured Singletrack a position at the forefront of the industry, with three software updates a year that are driven by client requests, regulatory requirements, and market developments. Looking ahead, Stuart and his team have big ambitions for the company. “We aim to continue our expansion globally in 2023, especially in North America, and we’ll be adding new product and sector capabilities to Singletrack’s capital markets platform,” he tells us. “Geopolitical and economic factors mean that the next year or so will be challenging for everyone. The importance of moving to data-driven decision-making such as Singletrack offers becomes even more compelling in such times – not only with regards to managing overheads and ensuring best use of resources, but also to place companies in the strongest possible position for when the next upturn comes.” The role of technology cannot be underestimated by any business, but Singletrack has found its place in the world thanks to an attitude that prioritises the needs of companies Capital markets is a specialist sector, requiring a specialist approach to thrive. When it came to creating a client engagement and analytics solution for this sector, one which incorporates the specific workflows and requirements of sell side firms, the team at Singletrack used their expertise and industry experience to design an outstanding platform. In the Finance Awards from SME News, we thought it right to catch up with Stuart Berwick, CEO, to uncover how Singletrack has been able to thrive over the years. Capital markets bring together buyers and sellers of investments, facilitating liquidity and ensuring smooth and orderly transactions. One challenge in recent years has been to ensure that the sector takes full advantage of technological advances. Singletrack has acted as a technology pioneer in capital markets, providing a comprehensive platform that sell side clients have come to rely on in their dealings with asset managers and other buy side organisations. In explaining the secrets behind the success of Singletrack, there is no one better placed than co-founder and CEO Stuart Berwick. For him, it was the single-minded focus on an individual market that has set the business apart. “We operate exclusively in capital markets,” he tells us, “and have worked hard to establish Singletrack as an innovator and the go-to partner for firms looking to build more profitable client relationships.” Making bold decisions is no easy task, but for Stuart, decisions come from data first and foremost. “We enable our clients to use data in all aspects of their decision-making,” he explains, “from the simple, such as ‘best time to call’ (based on previous experiences) to the more complex, such as ‘which clients are at risk’ (looking at a number of factors across the firm which can signal potential client loss). These are just two examples of our approach, which we call data-driven advisory.” The team has grown to serve a host of capital markets firms, ranging from boutique Independent Research Providers (IRPs), through to full-service Investment Banks. This international clientele trust the Singletrack team to deliver services across their organisations. “We have a modular platform that fits all sizes Most Innovative Capital Market Client Engagement & Analytics Platform – UK & UK SME News Award for Excellence in Capital Markets Nov22321 in the capital markets sector. We celebrate the team’s success, and look forward to celebrating more of their achievements in the weeks and months to come. Company: Singletrack Name: Stuart Berwick Email: Web Address: