UK Finance Awards 2022

16 | UK Finance Awards 2022 Business Growth Practice of the Year - East Midlands When a business grows, it does so because it has built a strong customer base and because it has managed to overcome the various limitations of financial restriction. Doing this means not only understanding the legal requirements facing a business, but how a business fits into those requirements. The team at N-Accounting specialises in supporting businesses with ambitions to plan, grow and scale, finding solutions which integrate the various aspects of accountancy, tax planning and financial management. “Our mission is to supply the framework for high quality business systems and processes for our clients to implement for themselves,” Nishi explains, “and also provide them with a crystal-clear financial image of what success looks like and the gap they need to bridge.” By taking control of services such as annual accounts, cash flow forecasts, payroll and bookkeeping as well as training sessions and quarterly planning days, N-Accounting can allow clients to focus on what they love when running their business. Growth is not something every business owner wants, and the N-Accounting team are very careful with who they work with. “We work with ambitious business owners who want to build their businesses and their teams,” Nishi tells us. “To join our signature solution, Apex, they must be employers who are focussed on creating systems and have a goal to build a business that runs without themselves in it.” Apex lies at the heart of how N-Accounting works, and is completely unique in the industry. “It provides the support to achieve a six-figure profit and a million-pound valuation within two years,” Nishi explains. “It combines the best traditions of accounting, financial management and business advisory to provide a level of support to small businesses that no one else can replicate.” With such incredible power at their fingertips, it’s little wonder that the team claim that they can create a world where “every owner has access to the tools they need to scale their business, and the option to one day sell it and retire.” Over the next year, the N-Accounting team are looking to grow the Apex program so that the team is able to help even more people. “We want to help 30 business owners achieve their million-pound valuation,” says Nishi with a smile. “Beyond that, we will continue scaling and improving the program to add even more value.” This constant eye for expansion lies at the very core of what the team offer, and their passion for growth is why so many turn to them for support. “Running your own business can be one of the toughest things you’ll ever do, but it’s easier with the right accountants on board,” Nishi tells us. “I help business owners understand their finances, see the trends in their cashflow and stay on the right side of the tax man. I can also help them to plan and manage their growth. This is my niche. And I can use the benefit of my own experience as a business owner to help.” Over the years, Nishi and his team have carved a unique place in the market, one which has allowed small, growing businesses to flourish. Their success is a credit to his tireless efforts, and a sign of how much he still has to give! Company: N-Accounting Name: Nishi Patel Email: Web Address: All businesseswant togrow, but fewknowhow todo so ina controlledand sustainableway. N-Accounting has made its name in supporting businesses that have the ambition to expand, and are looking for solutions that consider every aspect of their enterprise. We caught up with Nishi Patel of N-Accounting to uncover more about how the team has achieved such sterling results.