UK Finance Awards 2022

UK Finance Awards 2022 | 17 Nov22051 Best Bookkeeping & Cloud Accounting Firm - Nottinghamshire For over 25 years, the team at 1 For All Accounting Angels Ltd have made their name in ensuring that their clients are well ahead of changes in the tax system. With a practice that has been transformed to a digital haven which embraces paperless systems, they have led the way when it comes to tax and filing legislation. In SME News’ UK Finance Awards 2022, the team were recognised for their efforts. We look more closely to find out more. Established in 1997 and incorporated in 2016, the team of accountants behind 1 For All Accounting Angels have built a reputation as people able to offer clients bright ideas and black and white answers. With a community-focused mindset that embraces change to the point of anticipation, the team have managed to provide a host of bespoke packages that mean the unique needs of their clients. The focus for the team has always been to keep ahead of the times, taking clients’ businesses int the future in a manner which is as tax-efficient as possible. Clients are consulted on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis to ensure that they are aware of changes to legislation and to build strong relationships which allow the team to make decisions that support them best. The proactive attitude of the team has allowed them to build up an impressive client base which is incredibly supportive of their efforts. They are, in many ways, the best and only advertisement for the team’s services. Those who turn to 1 For All Accounting Angels include individuals, sole traders, partnerships, CICs, CASCs and limited companies with turnovers as little as £5000 and as big as £4.5m. In this digital world, it’s much easier to onboard and engage clients which has allowed the team to maintain such an impressive range of opportunities. Key to the team’s success is the closeness of the professional relationships. The 1 For All Accounting Angels team know how their clients work, and help their clients by explaining to them how they work. As such, a level of trust can be built which is invaluable. New hires are recruited based on this ability to build relationships, with people who are ethical, compassionate, driven and care about people and the world around them at the core of the business. Looking ahead, it’s clear that the biggest challenge facing 1 For All Accounting Angels comes not from clients, but from HMRC. The team have seen a service which has become increasingly strained over the last few years, and have started to record calls and making complaints where necessary. Since beginning to do this, the team have seen marked improvement and advise fellow bookkeepers, accountants, tax advisors and members of the public to do the same. Looking ahead, the 1 For All Accounting Angels are keeping tight-lipped about future plans, but their ambition is certain to drive them to new and exciting places. Working in collaboration with sister company Valhalla Tax Consultancy, the team hope to help every accountancy and bookkeeping practice reach their full potential in a digital world. Given their track record of success in the UK Finance Awards, we cannot wait to see what this impressive team does next! Company: 1 For All Accounting Angels Ltd Name: Su Bramley Email: Web Address: