UK Finance Awards 2022

18 | UK Finance Awards 2022 For accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners across the UK, APAC, US, Canada, and France, the development of Dext’s products has been invaluable. With a team committed to advancing and improving the accounting and bookkeeping process for all, they have created a host of products that make the process of managing and keeping track of your finances easier than ever. The team’s proud boast is that their smart, scalable day-to-day accounting solutions are combined with an exceptional user experience. Through three main products, including Dext Prepare for automated data extraction, Dext Precision for accountancy practice data quality and insights, and Dext Commerce to manage digital commerce sales data, the company has been able to lead the way when it comes to providing smart solutions for the industry. These products are specifically designed to deliver accurate bookkeeping work that’s in line with compliance whilst saving you time and providing valuable insights. Instead of playing catchup on deadlines, you can focus on quality data that really makes a difference to your business. Key to this is the attitude of simplified sophistication, wherein complex accounting tasks are transformed into manageable and profitable processes. Dext products have over 99% accuracy, so while you are putting in less time, the quality of your data is never compromised - in fact, it makes it safer than manual entry. You are always in control at every stage and have full visibility over your bookkeeping data. Thousands of accounting firms and businesses around the world are managing their financial data better with Dext, saving them millions of hours and giving them the peace of mind they need. One of the reasons why Dext gets it right is because their products are built by people who have done it all before. The Dext team has extensive experience in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, so they know and understand their clients’ needs - making it easier to develop features that are useful. Accountants and bookkeepers can rely on account managers to provide direct assistance at all times, and businesses benefit from expert Customer Service available 24 hours a day Monday-Friday for any technical support. Looking ahead, the team have recently unveiled a solution for accountants and bookkeepers to submit directly to HMRC on behalf of self-employed and landlord clients under the upcoming Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self-Assessment regime. Whilst the UK government has recently announced it will delay MTD ITSA until 2026, Dext is already ahead of the curve: their solution is Nov22232 Best Integrated Accounting Software Platform - UK an opportunity for accounting professionals to get their clients onto the digital transformation journey from now, reduce the pressure and start taking advantage from the benefits technology offers. Dext’s efforts in developing excellent bookkeeping automation tools have earned them respect throughout the industry – whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, or business owner, if you want to work more effectively, the Dext team are able to help. With such high standards driving them forward, we cannot wait to see what this team does next. Company: Dext Name: Lauren Hancox Email: Web Address: Collecting and understanding financial data is no easy task, but it’s one which the team at Dext has made very straightforward. With cloud-based technology and powerful online tools, they are proving that accounting and bookkeeping need not be the major challenge it has been in the past. The innovation demonstrated by Dext has earned them success in the SME News’ UK Finance Awards 2022. We take a closer look to find out more.