UK Finance Awards 2022

19 | UK Finance Awards 2022 them from happy customers, and turn to the team especially. Other companies will offer some of the services that the Fundsure team can provide, but few can promise such a wealth of expertise. They cover everything including Compliance, HR, Legal, Operations, Project Management, Risk Management and so on. Jacks of all trades, the team have built up an impressive network of contacts so that no matter how tricky the subject or how challenging the situation, they can deliver. Demand has proven to be incredibly high for the team, and they are always being called upon to provide much needed support. The market for Outsourced COOs is growing, and has been since the pandemic. This unprecedented crisis opened the floodgates for businesses which had previously considered management a role which needed to take place in an office. Now, they know that the vast majority of tasks can be handled by remote teams. Fundsure is no exception and whilst there is an office in London, most work is done from home. Of course, while the team are in high demand, they do have to overcome the unique difficulties of dealing with busy people who often do not see the work done by Fundsure as the highest of priorities. Busy people are always a challenge, and so it’s vital that everyone involved remains calm and level-headed no matter what. The regulatory landscape is one which remains a challenge for clients, especially when working in a global environment. Laws and legislation are constantly changing. This is not something that scares the Fundsure team, however. Not only do they have a wealth of experience complying with the different regulations in many Some projects need an expert eye to ensure that things go to plan. The team at Fundsure are your perfect partners, offering an outsourced Chief Operating Officer to provide support on the implementation of particular strategies or advisory to help determine strategies for growth. With such success in the UK Finance Awards 2022, we thought it time to take a closer look at just how they did it. No matter how well-established you are within any industry, the implementation of new ideas and concepts can be challenging for a team that already has work to do. The team at Fundsure have made their name in offering precisely the right level of support to make sure that firms can see improvement in compliance and governance. Working primarily with established financial service firms, the team have managed to garner an international client base. They work with everyone from first-time fund managers going through authorisation through to global banks. Roughly 95% of the business is referral based, meaning that the team have had no need to market at all. People find out about Best Finance Sector COO Solutions Provider - London Nov22177 countries, they also know that these changes really mean more work for them. Looking ahead, 2023 will be a period of growth for the Fundsure team to match the remarkable demand for their services. The enquires for the team continue to grow, and finding ways of taking advantage of this trend is crucial. More and more businesses see the unique value of what the Fundsure team have to offer. It’s a flexibility and an awareness of what is needed at the highest level which knowledge of a specialist subject cannot provide alone. This is why the team will continue to thrive for many years to come, as demand continues to grow. Company: Fundsure Name: Steve Middleton Email: Web Address: