UK Finance Awards 2022

Dec22037 When advising your clients, it is of utmost importance that you have the right solutions. This can ensure risks stay anchored to what is being stipulated in the mandates provided. Alpha Beta Partners Ltd does all it can to ensure each of your clients are informed and protected. Here we explore ABP’s magic as it is bestowed with this fantastic accolade in the UK Finance Awards 2022. With its story beginning in 2016, Alpha Beta Partners Ltd (ABP) started off as a collection of individuals with 25-30 years’ worth of experience each. Its seasoned veterans came together to set up a business that would inevitably alter the trajectory of the industry, for all kinds of people. Over the years, they had all noticed that institutional techniques were only available to very wealthy people, big institutions or companies, and sovereign wealth funds. ABP believes that this level of service and sophistication should be available to all – no matter the amount of money they have. ABP was established in 2017 to be a one-stop-shop for all business and personal investment portfolio needs. ABP has grown at an exponential rate from its beginning to where it is now. This dedicated business started with nothing to manage and now has around 1.45 billion in assets under management – an astonishing achievement for the team! Its team is diverse, modern, and relaxed, so that each advisor they work with is filled with confidence and peace of mind. Each advisor it works for can then deliver invaluable services straight from ABP to their own clients, supporting them every step of the way. Offering a range of portfolios, ABP has a passive and sustainable range, a defensive income portfolio range, and a blended range, which is a mixture of passive and active solutions, and highly bespoke solutions for specific clients. All of its solutions are built to succeed for everyone, and ABP is proud to say that its investment portfolios always stay within the boundaries of the volatility corridors – making each investment risk free, and highly effective. ABP has the key to managing risk within investment due to its rich, deeply rooted knowledge and prestigious portfolios. It ensures that not only its values are aligned with its clients, but that its clients’ are united with who they look after. One particular area of expertise is its sequence portfolio that aids those who are retiring. This strategy was specifically designed to move assets into cash when markets aren’t as desirable, and back into assets when the markets are better. This is just one of the ways ABP mitigates risk and keeps people happy and secure. ABP’s model portfolios have won the highest 5 Star Rating and 5 Diamond Rating (Core Portfolio range) by Defaqto, and we can see why. ABP works hard to create and maintain its solutions, and does so whilst building strong relationships with its clients. Creating this alignment between itself, each product, every advisor, and their clients, ABP enhances the customer experience for generations to follow. ABP has now won Best Risk-First Investment Advisors for the UK, and we are sure that it will continue to help people regardless of their level of income or assets. It’s clear to see that Alpha Beta Partners is the place to go for those who truly care about their clients. Finally, we look forward to seeing it flourish in the years to come. Contact: Geoff Brooks/Andrew Thompson Company: Alpha Beta Partners Ltd Web Address: Best Risk-First Investment Advisors – UK