UK Finance Awards 2022

22 | UK Finance Awards 2022 RS Data Tech Ltd. specialises in traffic acquisition and financial products that ultimately enable us to look after our credit scores – for a bright and light future filled with peace of mind. RS offers credit consultations to “discuss and demystify the fog around financial data” so that customers may construct a plan to get back on top of things when they may be awry – and to keep things updated and controlled when everything is as it should be. By keeping its credit education fresh, customers can receive jargon-free lessons that allow them to learn useful information that will inevitably improve their livelihood overall. With its credit file share, customers can share their credit file with a financial advisor, broker, or lender through a secure online portal, making it simple to get the help they need. Not only this, but RS provides dark web monitoring to keep customers safe from online scammers. This is something that is seldom easy, but RS makes it look that way with its innovative technology and 24/7/365 support. Finally, RS guarantees perks and discounts, as well as smart offers that match current financial circumstances, for its customers to help them to save money on a daily basis. This means discounts on shopping with high street brands and more. RS is looking to give much more value to its customers with its new and improved membership. This full suite of services all allow customers to check, correct, monitor, and improve their credit scores, whilst having access to all of the above. Its very own Commercial Director, Cody Silvester, tells us, “We aim to differentiate ourselves from competitors by educating and delivering long-term solutions to improve your credit status, instead of offering short-term higher-interest products as the only option.” This passionate and dedicated attitude leads the way for RS, and we know that, because of this, its mission of breathing new life into its customers will prevail. With regards to who RS serves, Cody comments, “Millennials and Generation Z are now progressively more tech-savvy, which brings a higher demand from these customers to deliver a smarter solution for them to monitor, take control and improve their own financial footprint. This means short-term solutions are less valuable, hence, why we continue to reinvest in our product and suite of services, to bring smarter financial services and tools to market which deliver better outcomes.” By utilising its selection of devoted experts, RS always finds the best solutions for everyday people. The relationships they build with customers ensures each interaction is filled with respect, compassion, and engaged whilst the RS team finds the most suitable options for them. RS is doing all it can to respond to the tumultuous times here in the UK, especially with the cost of living crisis on the rise. Cody and the team at RS understand how important it is to be informed and Nov22061 smart about every financial move we make, and they help its customers to learn so that they can grow financially. For 2023, RS is going to expand its already huge selection of helpful services to offer even more value to its memberships. But for this very moment, RS Data Tech Ltd. has won Best UK Credit Agency 2022 for its fine efforts, and we want to take a moment to congratulate the entire team as they approach yet another time of unrivalled progress. Contact: Cody Silvester Company: RS Data Tech Ltd. Web Address: RS Data Tech Ltd. is an interactive media company and credit agency with a difference. Its personal touch has taken it to new heights as it continues to help a huge number of people to manage, monitor, and improve their credit scores – daily. Here we find out more from RS’s Commercial Director, Cody Silvester, as it is bestowed with this incredible award in the UK Finance Awards 2022. Best UK Credit Agency 2022 “All of our staff and team go through focused training to deliver the highest level of support, each team member takes pride in our company goal to empower customers to “take back control of your financial future”.”