UK Finance Awards 2022

23 | UK Finance Awards 2022 Its team put customers first so that they can feel the peace of mind that they deserve. Touchstone believes that finding, and keeping, the right staff is the key to success. It does everything it can to create the right atmosphere for its staff to thrive, so that they may help a high volume of customers to feel safe and secure throughout the entire process. With a very low staff turnover, it is obvious that Touchstone’s efforts have been paying off. It keeps its staff happy by encouraging and supporting them on a daily basis – and this is evident through its admirable success. Facing many challenges, such as Covid-19, Touchstone has not just coped, but it has blossomed. “Our telephone HI HI system allowed us to continue as normal. We were able to work remotely and used our technology CRM system to assist our customers. Loans were still completed and it was business as normal,” Phil comments, demonstrating ways that Touchstone triumphed even in the face of adversity. Facing every challenge head on, Touchstone was able to work together when products were being Based in Hove, on the South coast of England, Touchstone Corporate is an award-winning specialist mortgage and finance broker with a huge amount of experience – and it shows. Here we explore what it does and how the team delivers the best service possible to each and every customer as it wins this prestigious award in the UK Finance Awards, 2022. Touchstone Corporate provides expert advice and structures costeffective solutions to suit any funding needs, no matter the size of the customer and their requirements. Touchstone’s Commercial Finance Director, Phil Moore, tells us, “Touchstone is a modern established business who go that extra mile to make sure our customer journey is seamless. We have the biggest selections of mortgages arranged by people who care.” Its innovative technology and strong team guides it to success year upon year, so that its customers can feel safe in the right hands. Bringing a personal touch to everything it does, Touchstone boasts a team of experts that truly care about every customer that passes through its doors. Phil says, “Our service is not just about having great choice of mortgage options, it’s about listening to our customers making sure we always understand each individual customer needs and aspirations.” Its USP is that it finds solutions where others may not be able to, and it does so with full transparency and honesty. Never even coming close to admitting defeat, Touchstone’s experience in the industry prevails so that it may give uncomplicated and sincere advice. The services it offers include advice on commercial finance, complex BTL, 2nd charges, residential mortgages, equity release, and short-term finance. It also includes, refurbishments, conversions, auction purchase, change of use, regulated bridging for chain breaks, and development loans from single to multiple units. Phil adds, “We have helped all different types of client including ex-pats, foreign nationals clients with historical adverse credit, first time commercial buyers, and all properties weird and wonderful.” “We go the extra mile to make sure that we can assist and hold our clients’ hand at every stage.” Nov22640 withdrawn from banks. Not only this, but when base rates increased, Touchstone was there for its customers when a number of things changed within the financial industry. Even turning things around within a matter of days, Touchstone’s success is built on high efficiency and unwavering hard work. Even as a small firm, Touchstone has truly made a mark on its industry. It listens to customers, works tirelessly to help them, and has, ultimately, changed the way we experience financial help. Touchstone Corporate looks forward to what 2023 brings, and we couldn’t be more excited for it. For now, we want to celebrate its success as it wins Financial Broker of the Year – UK from us. If you’ve got any questions, queries, or concerns, please contact Touchstone Corporate for more information. Contact: Phil Moore Company: Touchstone Corporate Ltd Web Address: https://www. Financial Broker of the Year – UK