UK Finance Awards 2022

6 | UK Finance Awards 2022 Oct22651 Most Experienced Financial Consultants – London Based in Woolwich, Arsenal, London, The Rock – Financial Management Companies Ltd is in the perfect position to reach people from all around the area. Not only this, but, with the way technology is today, The Rock is able to spread its consultants across the whole of the UK. Here we find out more as it wins this remarkable award in the UK Finance Awards 2022. Established in London at the beginning of 2021, The Rock – Financial Management Companies Ltd has rapidly become a giant in the area. Now, in just the beginning of 2023, we can see the impact it is about to make on the rest of the country – and beyond. Already working within England and Wales, we are sure to see it grow even farther, helping a plethora of people up and down the UK to manage their finances. As a well-known accounting firm, The Rock has set the bar extremely high within the industry. Working with clients of all sizes, from startups to small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals, The Rock reaches an incredible number of clients all looking to do the same thing – manage balance their finances, manage wealth, and increase profits. The Rock also supports shops, sole traders, contractors, takeaways, wholesalers, and many more, so that they can all achieve their goals. The Rock manages to increase profits for businesses, and individuals, by taking the load off and doing the legwork when it comes to their accounts, payroll, VAT, and taxation processes. It guarantees dependable, consistent, trustworthy, effective, and confidential bookkeeping, payroll, and taxation services to every client it takes on – and it does so in a streamlined fashion. For company secretarial aid, The Rock provides the best a results via administration and compliance with vital legislation. Not only does it offer secretarial solutions, but it also lends a hand to charitable, non-profit companies wishing to make a difference to the world we live in. The services it provides ensure we have all the tools needed to flourish in other areas whilst finances are being looked after. The Rock ensures that all of our company annual accounts are in order before submission to HMRC, our accounting and bookkeeping is up to date, our finances are monitored, managed, and much more. With many years of experience accumulated between the team members, The Rock’s outlook on business, and therefore on life, is that of order, tranquillity, and accomplishment. Everything has its place within business and without any order there shall be no growth. There isn’t room for mistakes within business finances, and The Rock understands how to guarantee the smooth running of all financial endeavours. The team’s values are aligned to the bigger picture, as well as supportive towards daily life. They work together as a well-oiled machine so that they can achieve in an efficient way. There’s not one person who does more than the rest, and there’s no one that is being carried by the rest. They all work in harmony to aid clients every day, so that the job gets done on time – every time. The Rock’s mission is to provide a friendly, courteous, and trusted service that will solve any issues and respond to any concerns – reducing and even eradicating them for the foreseeable future. By being so approachable, The Rock has built a fantastic reputation with its clients, receiving many word of mouth recommendations that have helped it to do more than stay afloat. The Rock has thrived even though it was established during the pandemic. This is due to its formidable experience, and true respect for those it works with. For the future, The Rock is due to expand even more – increasing the amount of clients it serves and continuing to develop its already excellent services. With the desire to help people, this passion is the beating heart of the firm. This results in an unbeatable service, and the team couldn’t be more excited to see what is coming next. By keeping everything simple, and functioning well, The Rock pulls out all the stops and instils peace of mind for the masses. It is always there when needed, and the future looks bright for each client it works with. The Rock has partnered up with IAB, ACCA, and the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers since its very beginning, demonstrating its trustworthy and experienced nature. Of course, none of this would be possible without its team. The Rock – Financial Management Companies Ltd has been awarded with the prestigious title of Most Experienced Financial Consultants, London, and it is set to soar to even greater heights in the near, and distant, future. Congratulations to its highly experienced team – long may their success continue. Contact: Kwasi Obuor-Asimpih Company: The Rock – Financial Management Companies Ltd Web Address: Telephone: 02036 742 929 Email: