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SME News- UK Legal Awards 2024 Most Client-Focused Debt Collection Service 2024 With The World Bank’s recent predictions of how the global economy is progressing, it’s important to remember that there are still ways to be in control of our finances. Enter Money Claim Collections, the buttress for businesses across the UK. Responding to the demands of the debt collection industry, Money Claim Collections is the perfect company to partner up with to ensure you receive what you are owed. We explore its myriad of services as it wins its esteemed title in our UK Legal Awards 2024. UK Legal Awards 2024

Editors Letter SME News is delighted to announce the return of the UK Legal Awards for the sixth consecutive year. The awards are organised by SME News and have been designed to acknowledge and celebrate the firms and individuals who have exhibited excellence, innovation, and leadership in the legal sector and society. The awards are inclusive of all businesses that operate in the legal sector in the UK, irrespective of their size, location, or specialisation. We invite nominations from any legal firm or individual who has achieved outstanding results, provided exceptional service, or contributed positively to society. The UK legal sector in 2024 will encounter various challenges and opportunities arising from various global disruption events throughout the last few years. The demand for legal services is expected to increase by 2%, with promising prospects for property, immigration, restructuring, and insolvency law. Law firms are more willing to adopt alternative fee arrangements to satisfy client needs and remain competitive in the market. UK firms will pursue expansion in the US market through mergers or alliances, while smaller firms will seek organic growth through marketing and client retention. Law firms will also adopt a client-centric approach, using data analytics and personalisation to deliver higher-quality services, as well as offering more virtual services to enhance convenience and accessibility. UK Legal Award 2024 Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0010 Website: Sofi Parry Senior Editor

Contents 4. Money Claim Collections: Most Client-Focused Debt Collection Service 2024 8. Jofal Solicitors Ltd: Most Community-Focused Immigration Firm 2024 & UK Legal Client Service Excellence Award 2024 10. Kathy Webb & Co. Solicitors: Best Boutique Family Law Practice 2024 North East England & UK Legal Awards 2024 Commendation of Excellence: Client Care (North East England) 11. Zeus Family Law: Family Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Wales 12. S Bish Estate Planning: Best Will Writing & Estate Planning Firm 2024 - Hertfordshire & UK Legal Awards 2024 Commendation of Excellence : Client Service Innovation 13. Internet Erasure Ltd: Online Reputation Management Specialists 2024 14. OTS Solicitors: Immigration Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Greater London 15. Sheryl Perry Solicitors: Best Family Law Firm 2024 - Essex 16. Changes Immigration: Best In-Bound Business Immigration Law Firm 2024 - London 17. Samuel Mediation Services and Samuel Family Law: Family Lawyer of the Year 2024 (South East England): Michelle Samuel & UK Legal Awards 2024 Commendation of Excellence: Client Services 18. Circe Law Ltd: Most Client-Focused Trust & Probate Law Firm 2024 & Leading Legal Mind in Wills & Succession Planning 2024 19. Compliance On Demand Limited: Best Real Estate Legal & Regulatory Consulting Firm 2024 20. Devonshires Claims: Best Boutique Clinical Negligence Law Firm 2024 - England & Wales 21. Engleharts Solicitors: Best Commercial Property Law Firm 2024 - South East England 22. S. A. J Legal: Public Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Greater London & UK Legal Awards 2024 Commendation of Excellence: Client Service Innovation Contents

SME UK Legal Awards 2024/ 4 Most Client-Focused Debt Collection Service 2024 With The World Bank’s recent predictions of how the global economy is progressing, it’s important to remember that there are still ways to be in control of our finances. Enter Money Claim Collections, the buttress for businesses across the UK. Responding to the demands of the debt collection industry, Money Claim Collections is the perfect company to partner up with to ensure you receive what you are owed. We explore its myriad of services as it wins its esteemed title in our UK Legal Awards 2024. In 2022, CEO of the Credit Services Association (CSA) Chris Leslie reported, “The CSA’s latest survey of member firms suggests that the UK collections sector now holds over £30 billion of consumer debt for collection, across more than 25 million customer accounts. In terms of commercial debt, the sector holds £4 billion across 1.5million accounts. So there is an ongoing and significant role for collections and debt purchase agencies to play in the economy, not to mention the employment contribution made by CSA member firms who employ over 11,000 people across the country.” With factors considered such as the costof-living crisis and increasing interest rates, an ongoing difficult economic climate is anticipated, with UK consumers continuing to borrow. Therefore, this requires the collections sector to maintain high standards, working professionally with creditors to help them recover the money their customers owe them. Businesses rely on their customers making their payments on time for the purposes of cashflow, successful growth, and to avoid financial crisis. Unpaid invoices are a large-scale problem for SMEs, because it doesn’t only have the aforementioned implications, but it is also a time-consuming task to recover outstanding debt. Thus, there is a beacon of light for these businesses in the form of Money Claim Collections, a company which was started by Founder Jonathan Poulter in a box room in his home. Only having been in operation for 18 months, it, in its first year, collected £2 million on behalf of its clients. Following rapid success and growth, he partnered up with lifelong friend and someone with just as much industry knowledge as himself, Joseph Kirby. The company now spans 10 specialists offering no-win-no-fee debt collections for the commercial sector. Its services can cover anything from basic letter sending and telephone calls to statutory demand and winding up petitions. The company contributes positively by offering companies and individuals risk-free debt collection that gains results, often for those who are unable to issue their own claims due to finances. Boasting a wealth of experience within the commercial debt recovery industry, Money Claim Collections’ team of qualified specialists work tirelessly to recover clients’ overdue invoices, settle complicated contractual disputes, and ensure they are paid the funds that they are rightfully owed. To begin with, the team assess every case on its merit, and if they don’t think that it is worth pursuing, they will let the business/ individual know and kindly decline and provide a reason why.

“Very professional debt collector. Sorted out a bad debt for Handy Concrete in under a week. A debt that we have been chasing for six months. Can’t recommend his [Jonathan’s] services enough. Don’t wait months for YOUR money; contact Jonathan. We will be in future.” - Handy Concrete Should the company pick up the case, it will fall under one of four services, whether credit reports and investigations, debt recovery, dispute resolution, or court enforcement. Within its credit reports and investigations service, Money Claim Collections provides credit control and commercial investigations, alongside due diligence, international risk assessment, and fraud investigation services. Money Claim Collections can provide the support that its clients need in order to take on new work with peace of mind. Further, the company can investigate the previous appointments and business history of company directors as required. This means that it can identify if a business leader has had many previous occasions where their companies have dissolved or liquidated, as this can be a sign of fraudulent behaviour and mismanagement. It can also find out key credit information behind sole traders and homeowners, enabling its clients increased security when offering a service or supplying goods. Additionally, Money Claim Collections can trace and locate absconded and gone-away debtors. Upon a debtor’s disappearance, Money Claim Collections can use its inhouse intelligence software to locate debtors at their new address. Next is its debt recovery service, which is crucial to any successful business who is struggling to receive payments for their services. Late payments and bad debts can have a largely negative impact on cashflow and stifle growth, as a result pushing a business towards financial crisis. And debt recovery laws and regulations are ever-changing, making it increasingly complicated to issue a claim. As of 1st October 2017, Pre-Action Protocol was introduced, which is relevant to any business that is looking to claim a debt payment from a customer, and specifies the way in which both parties are expected to act, along with the actions that they should take before the situation can be taken to court. If court action can be avoided, then it should be, with this protocol designed to help resolve the issue first. Where court cannot be avoided, it is important that the debtor and creditor behave reasonably in order to steer clear of unnecessary costs and delays. It is at this stage of the process that a creditor will need expert advice and guidance in order to ensure that everything is completed correctly, with Money Claim Collections being the company to ensure this all runs smoothly. “He [Jonathan] managed to collect monies owed within a matter of hours after I’d struggled for months. Great communication and very effective at what he does. Would recommend and also use him again.” -Wood Environmental Services From there, Money Claim Collections’ dispute resolution service is dedicated to getting to the bottom of any dispute by using exclusive yet tried and tested methods, whether the debtor has chosen to fabricate false disputes, or it is simply a matter of miscommunication. Debt disputes can be devastating for a business, however a timely response can ensure it is dealt with swiftly and effectively, minimising the impact on commercial operations. Money Claim Collections’ highly motivated team are on hand to resolve the situation to a satisfactory conclusion that will be acceptable to the creditor. The company has found face-to-face collections to be a highly successful method of enforcing debt payment, mainly due to the fact that this makes the debt real to the individual, as they can no longer ignore it and just put the letter in the bin or block phone calls. When one of the company’s debt collection agent visits the premises, this makes the debtor take notice, which usually prompts immediate payment. When no real dispute has been raised and every other method has been attempted to acquire payment, Money Claim Collections is in a position to begin statutory action against the debtor. This is the step before issuing a winding up petition, a legal statement from the creditor to the debtor which states their intention to force liquidation and closure of their business if the funds aren’t received. Within its work, Money Claim Collections

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ledgers for us and we were delighted in the service they provided and helped to maintain stability within the team. A great extension to our internal collection process. Would recommend highly recommend.” -Marc Harrison Gabbot, Bagnall and Morris Reputable debt advice services such as National Debtline or Citizens Advice are also available to provide free, confidential, independent support when it comes to managing money and dealing with debt problems. These advisers understand that debt may seem difficult to deal with and that it can feel overwhelming, but they will work to find the best solution for every individual and help them to achieve a fresh start with their finances. Ultimately, as a creditor, it is now more important than ever that debt collection is prioritised, and Money Claim Collections is here to help resolve unpaid debts and maintain financial stability. If you are a business or individual who is struggling to acquire payment from a customer, please reach out to Jonathan Poulter or Joseph Kirby and their team, who are on hand to make sure you get paid the all the monies that are lawfully yours. Contact: Jonathan Poulter& Joseph Kirby Company: Money Claim Collections Web Address: delights in its various success stories, with its biggest accomplishment to date being the collection of £65,000 within 24 hours of instruction on behalf of a client who had been chasing invoices for 12 months. It also collected £35,000 on behalf of Olympus Fitout Contractors within two hours of instruction. Also among its accomplishments, it is pleased to have taken on huge leading companies as its clients such as Ash Waste and Bagnall and Morris. Not only is Money Claim Collections’ offering proactive and effective for its clients, but it is also bringing debt collection into the digital world, enabling its clients to upload files for assessment, receive live updates on their case, and speak to its expert collectors on live chat, among other features. As a result, clients are afforded an efficient, speedy service – Provided the company receives all documentation required, it will begin chasing within the hour, striving to complete the case without delay. “Money Claim Collections collected £62,000 for us within 72 hours of instruction from a debtor that has been ducking and diving payment for years. We will definitely be using them again.” -Malpas Tractors It has become clear the great contribution of Money Claim Collections towards its industry, which overall has a “reasonable” track record in providing good customer outcomes, according to CSA. Across the industry, CSA recognises how, for debtors who have been contacted by a debt collection agency, the majority have found their experience to be “good” or “excellent”. This shows how the process of debt recovery isn’t harsh or stressful like it is often depicted to be. In reality, individuals are pleasantly surprised at the helpful, patient support that is available to them, with this including the opportunity to arrange payment plans in order to complete payment over a longer period, or to attain a settlement arrangement that involves forbearance. There are certainly myths and misconceptions about the industry, and these can damage the confidence of individuals when it comes to dealing with debt collection agencies. From the debtor perspective, the best thing they can do is cooperate with creditors and their collection agencies early on in order to tackle the problem debt, and, if needed, address any struggles and access support that they may not know exists. Understanding that debt collection can be a sensitive issue, Money Claim Collections’ team are trained to take a professional and tactful approach, and they can handle the most challenging of cases. “Money Claim Collections have provided us with an end-to-end service debt collection service for the last eight months and have had incredible success. Many cases have been resolved within the matter of hours via telephone calls. Others have required court action and statutory demand. It has been a simple process to pass instructions which has been tailored to suit our needs. They have had success with the most evasive of customers and the collection approach is effective and ethical. Also, during a period of long-term sickness, they took over live

SME UK Legal Awards 2024/ 8 Located between New Cross and Deptford in London, Jofal Solicitors is a small legal firm that specialises in tailored immigration advice and highquality professional services. The firm believes that cost should not be a barrier to obtaining proper legal advice and strives to make a meaningful difference in its community. In the wake of Jofal Solicitors’ dual win at this year’s UK Legal Awards, we take this opportunity to find out more about this exceptional firm. For individuals navigating immigration challenges in the UK, Jofal Solicitors has adopted a streamlined approach to make the process as simple as possible. The team understands that clients can be nervous when it comes to sorting their immigration issues and will spend as much time with them as required. It is the firm’s overarching goal to help clients fully understand their situation and explain how the team can help them progress. Jofal Solicitors employs practitioners who can communicate in Yoruba to ensure its services are accessible to everyone. Since its inception, Jofal Solicitors has strived to be transparent and honest with clients to offer an unbeatable customer service. Its lawyers have a diverse background, which allows them to view each case holistically and provide consistently excellent services for every client. The firm has become renowned for its outstanding customer service and abundant experience which greatly benefits its valued clients. Jofal Solicitors is a sole practitioner firm, meaning that clients deal directly with the owner of the firm. Olumuyiwa Falode, Principal at Jofal Solicitors, is the only one who sees the client, leaving them confident that their concerns are being dealt with by the firm’s most senior member. It is Olumuyiwa’s objective to provide a costeffective and valuable service for the community. Olumuyiwa Falode says, “The most rewarding part of working in the legal profession is the joy of obtaining Justice for those who cannot afford it. We have done a few of the Windrush cases and most of it has been done for those who are unable to afford the cost of pursing their application and getting their rights. All those we have assisted on the Windrush matter are over the retirement age and at the time of us getting involved in their matter, they were confused and felt helpless. For us, the most rewarding thing has been obtaining their legal documentation, which has allowed them the flexibility to leave and return to the UK.” Jofal Solicitors’ key areas of practice are Immigration, Family Law, and Wills. The firm offers clients a gateway to achieving a smooth immigration progress with skilled practitioners who can confidently manage cases from beginning to end. The UK government currently has a Tiers points-based system for non-EEA migrants seeking work in the UK. Non-EEA and Swiss migrants interested in moving to the country will need to apply for a UK Work Visa. The Jofal Solicitors team work with clients one-on-one to help them assess their options and determine their visa eligibility. The firm also offers Family Law services to help clients resolve legal issues efficiently and sensitively. Jofal Solicitors will always seek problem resolution routes such as mediation to reduce stress for their clients wherever possible. From child protection and care proceedings to pensions and property, the firm offers professional services that aim to add unparalleled value to clients’ lives. Clients seeking affordable and compassionate advice regarding Family Law need look no further than the hardworking team at Jofal Solicitors. A will is arguably the most important document that an individual will sign in their lives. The document informs an individual’s loved ones how they wish their money, property, and possessions to be distributed after their death. Lawyers at Jofal Solicitors offer straightforward and affordable advice to help clients prepare a legally binding will. The firm ensures that its services consistently meet clients’ expectations and take their priorities into account. A will is much more than just asset distribution, enabling the writer to decide on child care, offer financial and educational security to their children, provide for their partner, inheritance tax planning, and their burial wishes. Jofal Solicitors prides itself on providing comprehensive advice for clients beginning their will writing journey. The UK legal industry is constantly changing with significant changes currently occurring around skilled workers visas. The law that previously allowed care workers to bring their dependents to the country after taking up employment was discontinued by the government in March 2024. This law applies to those moving from abroad and individuals who are currently in the country on a different visa. This is a major setback, particularly for those already in the UK who wish to switch to a care worker visa. Jofal Solicitors predicts litigation around the new law soon as it may cause families to separate which the firm considers a breach of a person’s right to family life. For those who reside in the UK with a British Passport or are holders of indefinite leave, they now require an annual income of £29k to sponsor or bring their spouse to the country. This is a dramatic change from the previously set income of £18,600 and will undoubtedly affect low-income households. Over the coming years, Jofal Solicitors anticipates many appeals as this failure to meet the income requirement Most CommunityFocused Immigration Firm 2024 & UK Legal Client Service Excellence Award 2024

will be in breach of the Human Right provisions. As the situation continues to develop, the team is dedicated to investigating legal avenues to provide clients with options moving forward. Jofal Solicitors strives to maintain a strong presence by collaborating with charitable organisations on activities for the community. When there are legal changes that will affect the community, the firm organises seminars and offers free legal consultations before and after they may occur. Its solicitors also take on Pro Bono cases for those who can’t afford legal services but require support. Jofal Solicitors has become an integral part of its community for its dedicated client-focused services. Over the coming year, Jofal Solicitors will remain steadfast in its support for the community. The firm is currently involved in a collaborative initiative to provide food to the homeless/those in need, which will be the organisation’s primary focus this year. Lawyers at Jofal Solicitors possess diverse legal expertise, enabling them to approach every case holistically. The firm has garnered an illustrious reputation for its exceptional levels of customer service and is committed to adding unparalleled value to its community. Recognised in this year’s UK Legal Awards, Jofal Solicitors is a trusted legal firm revered for its highquality professional services. Contact: Olumuyiwa Falode Company: Jofal Solicitors Ltd Web Address:

SME UK Legal Awards 2024/ 10 Best Boutique Family Law Practice 2024 - North East England & UK Legal Awards 2024 Commendation of Excellence: Client Care (North East England) As the first Specialist Family Law Firm in Cleveland, Kathy Webb & Co continues to offer the residents of East Cleveland a comprehensive, local high level of service in the field. Over the years, the reputation of the firm has grown and now clients throughout the North East seek the firm out for assistance and representation. Committed to ‘Access to Justice’ for all, the firm works in partnership with the Legal Aid Agency to provide legal advice and assistance to clients where available. All families, regardless of their income or status, can find themselves involved in proceedings regarding their children or their relationship. Kathy Webb & Co is committed to helping its clients through these most difficult and emotional times and achieving the best outcome possible. Clients are offered direct, pragmatic, clear advice so they understand the options available to them and can decide what steps they wish to take. That advice is invaluable to helping clients focus on finding a path through what are often the most difficult and emotional of circumstances. The dedicated legal team is comprised of six solicitors who are committed to delivering a comprehensive solution to legal issues. With years of experience across a broad spectrum of family law, divorce law and wills & probate, clients can rely on the solicitors at Kathy Webb & Co for legal advice when it matters most. The staff members pride themselves on building a friendly, professional and lasting relationship with all clients, providing the same exceptional standard of service and support from both the Solicitors and support staff. The Principal of the firm, Carl Reed, has worked in Family Law for over 30 years and has been an accredited member of the Law Society Children Panel for more than 25 years. He has a strong reputation for representing parents faced with the intervention of Social Services in their family, along with representing children themselves in such circumstances. Carl is known for a direct and forthright approach and for robust representation of each client’s interests where necessary. Unafraid to tackle the most complex and difficult of matters and with a reputation for challenging legal authority, Carl has even injuncted the Home Secretary! Associates Nick Strong and Heather Snowdon have vast experience in divorce/cohabitee relationships and have strong reputations for guiding clients through the difficulty of separation and divorce. Associates Gavin Cochrane and Laura Boyes are both experts in assisting parents to see their children, and in determining with which parent a child should reside. Laura has a particular interest in assisting vulnerable women who are subject to domestic abuse and works closely with local women’s support groups. Consultant Debra Simpson specialises in Wills & Probate and has worked in this area of law for many years. Debra guides her clients through the probate process with a sympathetic approach. They, with the rest of the team at Kathy Webb & Co are dedicated to providing the very best in legal services for families throughout the North East. It is this dedication that has earned the firm its recent recognition at the Legal Awards 2024. Contact: Carl Reed Company: Kathy Webb & Co. Solicitors Website:

Zeus Family Law is one of the many businesses born out of the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, with Director Sophie Lougher establishing the Cardiff family law firm after she was forced to leave her job to take care of her young son as a result of the lack of government support. Having previously held a prestigious position at a local law firm, numerous former clients sought out Sophie for her legal expertise. Having identified a pressing need for family law services in her region, Sophie set about building a firm that put the needs of its clients first. We catch up with Sophie to find out more. Family Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Wales Rooted in a commitment to focusing on the unique needs of every client to provide them with the best possible chance of a favourable outcome for their particular situation, Zeus Family Law is a close-knit business with areas of speciality in divorce, financial disputes, and matters concerning children. Leveraging the founding pillars of a strong community commitment, exceptional care for clients, and providing nothing sort of the most informed legal advice, Sophie and her team manage some of the most difficult times of their clients’ lives with empathy, integrity, and an innate professionalism that makes a world of difference. Matters of family law are incredibly complex and can be heart-wrenching, with this only being exacerbated by the times we live in and the issues we are facing, such as the ongoing cost of living crisis. Zeus Family Law strives to ease this burden considerably, a process that begins with an undercurrent of open and honest communication that runs throughout the business. As Sophie explains, “our team is committed to being not just legal advisors but trusted partners in our clients’ journeys.” This can be best be seen in the tailored and comprehensive support provided, such as in cases involving domestic violence. At present, the family law sphere is undergoing a rapid transformation as a result of several factors, perhaps most notably the introduction of the no-fault divorce. Commenting on this, Sophie tells us, “this major reform allows couples to divorce without assigning blame, fostering a more amicable process that signifies a move towards a more contemporary and less confrontational family law system.” Other developments impacting this space include the digitalisation of family courts on the back of the pandemic, and an increased focus on settling family disputes outside of court through the alternative dispute resolution process. Even as the field continues to change around it, Zeus Family Law remains committed to doing whatever it takes to provide its clients with the exceptional care that they deserve. Instrumental in the team achieving this is the vibrant internal culture that has been fostered and the overwhelming sense of collaborative spirit on display throughout the business. For Sophie, “our internal culture and team-focused mindset are not just about working together effectively; they’re about creating a sense of family and community within our firm.” By being a family themselves, this team are aptly prepared to best serve others. Working in such a personal sector is deeply rewarding for Sophie and her staff, this as a result of the profound impact their work has on the lives of clients and their families. Sophie encapsulates this, stating, “the opportunity to guide, support, and advocate for clients through such critical moments is both a privilege and a profound responsibility, with the outcomes of these cases often leaving a lasting impact on our clients’ lives.” After all, the duties of family law solicitors far exceed providing mere legal advice, they have to comfort and understand, tackling new challenges while maintaining the gold standard of care. Zeus Family Law is on the precipice of rapid growth and development, as having a built a solid foundation around excellence and exemplary client service, it is now seeking to expand. Looking ahead, Sophie speaks candidly about the firm increasing its services to include the likes of custody disputes and complex financial cases, addressing more avenues of the multifaceted family law arena with equal distinction. She summarises, “our vision is one of continuous growth, innovation, and deeper community involvement”, the latter of which can be seen through the free community legal clinics that this team provide across Cardiff. By offering clients enriched family law services and delivering them with empathy and excellence in equal measure, Zeus Family Law is Wales’ standout family law firm and a particularly bright spot in Cardiff’s legal scene. Contact: Sophie Lougher Company: Zeus Family Law Web Address:

SME UK Legal Awards 2024/ 12 Best Will Writing & Estate Planning Firm 2024 – Hertfordshire & UK Legal Awards 2024 Commendation of Excellence: Client Service Innovation S Bish Estate Planning Established in 2022, S Bish Estate Planning offers a range of client-focused services to protect clients’ assets and lay the groundwork for a secure future. Founder Steve Bish has helped thousands of families with their Estate Planning needs, leaving clients rest assured that their assets are in safe hands. S Bish Estate Planning, a dual winner in this year's UK Legal Awards, is dedicated to delivering a personalised service to meet the individual needs of its valued clients. Covering all of Hertfordshire and its adjoining counties, S Bish Estate Planning offers a one-to-one, in-home solution where its services are clearly explained with no jargon. With the team’s comprehensive advice, clients can protect their family’s inheritance from care fees, future remarriage, inheritance tax, and probate fees. S Bish Estate Planning offers everything from Will Writing and Will Trusts to Lasting Power of Attorney, Family Asset Protection Trusts, and Probate/Administration Work. S Bish Estate Planning provides clients with exceptional services supported by the knowledge and experience of its dedicated team. The firm is committed to helping clients move forward with their estate plans and exceeding their expectations wherever possible. S Bish Estate Planning works in partnership with several local charities, including CHUMS, Mind in Mid Herts, Herts Young Homeless, CHEXS, and Isabel Hospice, to ensure those in need can access its valuable services. “At S Bish Estate planning, we don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach and endeavour to ensure that our clients receive bespoke advice that befits their individual circumstances.” - Steve Bish A will is one of life’s most important documents. It outlines a client’s wishes on who will receive their estate after a lifetime of hard work. The team at S Bish Estate Planning provides clients with transparent advice on writing their will and updating the document accordingly. The firm also delivers professional planning advice for clients who wish to add Will Trusts to their will, which provides increased asset protection to their loved ones. A Will Trust is an arrangement that comes into effect after a person’s death. Examples of Will Trusts include a Right to Occupy Trust, a Discretionary Will Trust, or a (Flexible) Life Interest Trust. For over 20 years, Founder Steve Bish has helped clients with their Estate Planning needs. Steve adheres to a strict code of conduct which involves providing his clients with a comprehensive, no obligation estate review. Steve is a full member of the Society of Will Writers and a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) and was recently announced as a Featured Member of the BEST Foundation (the UK’s non-profit foundation for professional Estate Planners). Steve Bish is also an approved speaker for several Women’s Institute County associations and has presented his talk ‘The Importance of an Up-to-Date Will’ at numerous WI meetings, Rotary Clubs, Friendly Clubs, and coffee mornings. Steve is available for bookings at clubs and societies without charge, but a donation to one of S Bish Estate Planning's supported charities is always appreciated. Over the coming year, S Bish Estate Planning plans to establish partnerships with local businesses and provide their staff with Estate Planning services as an employee benefit. Most recently, Cubed Consultancy, a high-end accountancy firm, has joined the initiative and is predicted to be the first of many. Since its inception, S Bish Estate Planning has remained steadfast in its mission to protect clients’ assets for their loved ones. Its award-winning services have enabled countless families to navigate the Estate Planning process and ensured estates are distributed accurately. Steve Bish and his diligent team are dedicated to providing clients with tailored support to prepare for the future. Driven by values of compassion, professionalism, and transparency, S Bish Estate Planning has become a dual winner at this year’s UK Legal Awards. Moving forward, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the firm as it continues to enhance its services for future generations. Contact Details Contact: Steve Bish Company: S Bish Estate Planning Web Address: S BISH Estate Planning

Whenever we try to open a bank account, apply for a job, buy or rent a property, start a relationship or business, and more, people search for our names. But, what happens when we have a public record of sensitive and negative information following us around, probably forever? As many may not be aware, the UK’s GDPR rules include the Right to be Forgotten wherein each individual has the right to request the removal of information about you and this extends to REMOVING ARTICLES FROM GOOGLE. Without this right, when you’re trying to move on with your life after difficult times, it seems like information shared online keeps dragging us back. No matter how a person has tried to damage our reputation online, through the sharing of false information or the posting of sensitive videos or imagery, there are legal methods to remove the content, although it often takes reputation management professionals and skilled privacy lawyers such as the team at Internet Erasure Ltd. These expert caseworkers have acted for more than 700 clients and understand exactly how to remove the content which is holding you back. “We care deeply about upholding the Right to be Forgotten for our clients.” With 185 reviews and a flawless rating on Trustpilot, the case studies speak for themselves. As just one shining example of the reviews received by Internet Erasure, Craig said, “I can’t recommend Internet Erasure Ltd enough. An absolute fantastic service from beginning to end. Regular correspondence via email and WhatsApp keep you updated throughout the entire process. Internet Erasure Ltd have given me back the confidence to hold my head high when I walk into a room! Do not have any doubts about the service Internet Erasure Ltd offer, they will achieve what they set out to do. Thank you to the whole Team.” Offering free consultations and carefully advising throughout every unique case, Internet Erasure concentrates its efforts to get the best outcomes for every individual. Its team are “fierce advocates for each clients’ right to claim a fresh start.” As our Online Reputation Management Specialists 2024 it’s clear that Internet Erasure is the way forward for a brighter future, unimpacted by the problems or complexities of the years gone by. If you’re in need of support, contact Internet Erasure Ltd today. If you’ve ever been wrongly accused of something, suffered from online harassment or have a historic conviction, and these records have been shared online, there’s a lot to be gained by reaching out to Internet Erasure Ltd. Your troubles could include sensitive or damaging information which has been shared or posted online about you by someone with a taste for revenge or bitterness, but, with Internet Erasure, your Right to be Forgotten can be easily exercised. Here we take a closer look as the company celebrates winning their category in our UK Legal Awards 2024. Online Reputation Management Specialists 2024 Contact: Joy Martin Company: Internet Erasure Ltd Telephone: 020 3576 0356 Web Address:

SME UK Legal Awards 2024/ 14 Immigration Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Greater London Since its inception, OTS Solicitors has grown from a niche immigration practice serving UK businesses and individual clients to one of the UK’s leading legal firms. The firm delivers legal expertise in the areas of Immigration, Landlord and Tenant, Family, Civil Litigation, Commercial, and Employment. OTS Solicitors has rapidly received national and international recognition for its emphasis on excellence, quality services, and transparency. Based in the City of London, OTS Solicitors provides joined-up Corporate and Employment law advice to its business immigration clients and Family, Landlord and Tenant, and Employment advice to clients seeking personal law services. Established in 2014, OTS Solicitors has remained steadfast in its mission to provide exceptional service and client-focused legal advice. For its emphasis on outstanding service and transparent fees, the practice achieved recognition in Legal 500 only two years after its inception followed by a ranking in Chambers and Partners legal directory. Whether clients are SMEs or individual immigration clients, OTS Solicitors strives to provide a consistently excellent level of service. At OTS Solicitors, the team offer a wide range of services including immigration law. The practice is recognised as one of London’s leading immigration law firms with its immigration solicitors boasting a combined 85 years of experience. The team prides itself on a high success rate and prioritises honesty and transparency in all its interactions. The firm’s highly skilled immigration lawyers have experience across a variety of matters including Asylum & Human Rights applications, Visas, Sponsor Licence applications, Renewals and Compliance, and Indefinite Leave to Remain, Citizenship and Naturalisation. OTS Solicitors hires only the top legal talent, seeking solicitors who are knowledgeable and creative in their work. The practice begins every client interaction by finding out what clients hope to gain from their engagement with the firm. Its focus on listening to clients’ needs ensures that OTS Solicitors consistently offers the best possible service whilst providing comprehensive advice. With an extensive global client base, the firm caters to SMEs, startups, and individual clients. OTS Solicitors engages with clients through collaborations on webinars with barristers, HR, and employment experts, as well as its lawyers appearing in TV and radio interviews, press articles, and a BBC documentary. OTS Solicitors was established by siblings, Teni and Oshin Shahiean, who aspired to build a collaborative practice and close-knit team. Despite the team’s diverse cultural backgrounds, OTS Solicitors is a family who work together, spotting when business clients might benefit from the sponsor license management service or when employment contracts require updating. The firm’s commitment to diversity allows it to promote an inclusive, seamless client service that provides value to its esteemed clientele. Teni Shahiean, Co-Founder and CEO of the firm, says, “At OTS Solicitors, we are a family firm with a hunger to embrace the latest in technology to grow and improve client service. While many are cautious about AI and its implications, we are actively exploring how, with our expertise and knowledge remaining central, AI and automation can enhance and streamline the client experience, ensuring our services remain exceptional, efficient and personalised." Over the coming year, OTS Solicitors will focus on leveraging technology and exploring what AI can offer its clients while remaining committed to developing bespoke legal solutions. The practice aims to combine its dynamic legal talent with the best that technology can offer. This winning combination will enable OTS Solicitors to continue delivering exceptional legal expertise across a range of practice areas. Recognised in this year’s UK Legal Awards, OTS Solicitors has amassed a distinguished reputation for its pursuit of excellence and offering of high-quality legal services. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for the firm as it continues to provide unrivalled value to its clients and community. Company: OTS Solicitors Web Address:

Established in 2019, Sheryl Perry Solicitors is a boutique law firm dedicated to helping clients across all aspects of family law. As a family business, the team priorities its clients’ wellbeing and delivers tailored services to meet their emotional and financial needs. For its flexible and client-centred solutions, we have bestowed on Sheryl Perry Solicitors this year’s award for Best Family Law Firm – Essex. Best Family Law Firm 2024 - Essex Family law solicitors at Sheryl Perry Solicitors work across all a wide range of family disputes including divorce and dissolution, pre/post nuptial agreements, co-habiting agreements, prohibited steps orders, financial statements, child arrangement orders, and much more. The firm understands that seeking legal representation can be a source of stress and worry for clients, but at Sheryl Perry Solicitors, every case can be tailored to suit clients’ individual needs. A member of the expert legal team can meet a client in their home, out of hours, over zoom, or telephone to work around their care and family responsibilities and deliver a consistently exceptional service. However service is delivered, the team is dedicated to fostering trusting client relationships and providing clear, comprehensive solutions. Although the firm cannot offer legal aid. Sheryl Perry Solicitors boasts a suite of services to help clients manage their legal expenses and only pay for direct services as needed. Sheryl Perry, Principal Solicitor, says, “We may be a small team, but we are experts in our field fully supported by first-class administration and organisational strength. Our case management system ensures we are on top of all deadline dates and that client files are reviewed regularly. We are fully committed to personal and professional development within the business, staying updated with new or revised legislation and improved working practices. Our core values are a priority to us, with professionalism and integrity being as important to us as client satisfaction. We believe that by our staff being friendly, open and honest with clients it reassures the client that they can contact us with any query they have, and we hope alleviates some of the stress for them.” Throughout the pandemic, one of the sector’s biggest challenges has been adjusting to virtual court hearings. Although the transition to online hearings was necessary, there has been an increase in parties not receiving as satisfactory a result as they might have in a court setting. Current cases are now delivered in both a mixture of in person and online hearings. In 2020, the Divorce and Dissolution Act was passed, amending existing laws regarding divorce to allow for a no-fault divorce. The sector predicted that this new act would slow down legal proceedings but many clients have chosen this easier route. However, there is concern from clients regarding the 20-week wait period. Over the past few years, there have been substantial delays to all court hearings which has caused further stress for clients. Additionally, there have been cuts to Legal Aid, which has resulted in more Litigant in Persons (clients representing themselves) and made the process more difficult when emotions are high. Sheryl Perry Solicitors believes in a duty of care for all its clients and strives to accommodate all individuals’ needs with a personalised service. The team is committed to helping clients handle their expenses to ensure they can access excellent legal services and achieve the best settlement possible. Sheryl Perry says, “Within the firm, every member of staff is valued, respected, and listened to. We encourage open communication and for everyone to have a voice. We are a very close-knit legal services ‘family,’ who thrive being part of our team where our core values of integrity, honesty, and respect are at the heart of all we do. Family is important to all our team members. Many have children and understand the demands and complexities that family life can bring. Our team want to see the fairest and most successful resolutions for our clients and especially for any children who are involved.” Moving forward, the future looks bright for Sheryl Perry Solicitors. The firm’s trainee Paralegal is due to qualify later this year and plans to undertake a QLD. The team is also excited to welcome a new arrival to the company as its secretary is due to deliver her baby in July 2024. Sheryl Perry Solicitors has become renowned in its community as a client-centred law firm with values of client satisfaction, professionalism, and honesty at its core. With its personalised approach, the team aims to accommodate all needs and work around clients’ busy family schedules to alleviate stress wherever possible. Recognised in this year’s UK Legal Awards, Sheryl Perry Solicitors is dedicated to supporting clients with compassionate and professional services to ALLELIVATE emotional distress during difficult times. Contact: Sheryl Perry Company: Sheryl Perry Solicitors Web Address:

SME UK Legal Awards 2024/ 16 Best In-Bound Business Immigration Law Firm 2024 - London Changes Immigration’s area of speciality is strategic business immigration advice, with this team of consummate professionals advising on areas relating to matters of complex corporate immigration. Changes Immigration offers a specific, tailored approach to the impersonal, one-size-fits-all immigration system.. Boasting a sizeable network of both national and international clients, this firm has close ties with the Home Office and maintains a high profile through its heavy featuring at a number of industry events. Associate Madiya Karassayeva tells us more. Minority- and female-owned law firm Changes Immigration impresses with a level of knowledge unrivalled in this area, allowing its team to leverage their expertise to exceed the goals of their clients, all while providing a swift, responsive service built on a foundation of robust communication. As Madiya explains, “Changes Immigration works closely with partners in complementary practice areas to develop a holistic framework to support clients and the immigration strategies we develop for them”, this is not to mention its personal immigration service that runs alongside this to better support client business. At the helm of this operation is Managing Partner Samar Shams, a pioneer who has spent more than 17 years in various senior level roles in the field of immigration advisory and today holds membership in associations across the sector. Heading up thought leadership initiatives that run throughout the company, Samar also helps companies to set up in the UK and sponsor skilled workers. It is Samar’s belief that businesses should be able to access the best talent and that individuals should be free to live where they choose, and it is the blending of these that serves as her motivation to get results. Changes Immigration makes use of some of the best technology available to help it in achieving its goals, as seen when the London Business School called on the firm to shed light on how AI could be applied in the legal sphere in a project funded by the government. AI certainly brings with it a lot of challenges that have been felt across the sector. Political and economic uncertainty is also having a profound impact on immigration. For Madiya, “our agility allows us to quickly adapt to ensure continued support for our clients while navigating evolving immigration policies and regulations.” “We are grateful to undertake meaningful work aligned with our values and philosophical beliefs. Ultimately our work helps to mitigate the effects of borders on businesses and people.” In essence, it is the decades of combined experience, an unwavering client focus, and a keenness to stay abreast of developments in this space that sets Changes Immigration apart in this fast-changing landscape. Further distinguishing the business is its automated workflow capability configured by Samar, with this having been steadily honed over the course of her career. Beyond just Samar, the entirety of this team are exposed to all of the tools they need to succeed, right through to the junior staff, who are equipped with regularly updated precedents and offered close supervision to foster an environment of equals. While the business has only been in operation since June of last year, the firm has quickly laid a ground work of respect, innovation, and excellence from which it will build its empire. Madiya tells us, “as a new, boutique law firm, we rely on agility and independence to move and grow quickly on our own terms.” A high retention rate is already one of the defining elements of this service, with another being the extensive pro bono work that it undertakes for the likes of individuals, charities, and communities. Just one recent example of this saw the firm secure a Skilled Worker visa for an arts organisation employee. Commenting on the industry, Madiya states, “the dynamic nature of immigration law keeps us engaged. We remain at the forefront of the rules and policy changes, continuously updating our strategies to ensure our clients remain compliant and ahead of the curve.” This segues nicely into the business’ plans for the coming years, which include increasing focus on the needs of Global Talent visa applicants, , further leveraging of a successful sponsorship track record, and reaching out to those needing help with new immigration rules, solidifying the firm’s person-centred approach. A trusted UK immigration partner that can bring its clients the world, Changes Immigration is more than worthy of being celebrated with this award. Contact: Madiya Karassayeva Company: Changes Immigration Web Address: