UK Legal Awards 2024

Zeus Family Law is one of the many businesses born out of the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, with Director Sophie Lougher establishing the Cardiff family law firm after she was forced to leave her job to take care of her young son as a result of the lack of government support. Having previously held a prestigious position at a local law firm, numerous former clients sought out Sophie for her legal expertise. Having identified a pressing need for family law services in her region, Sophie set about building a firm that put the needs of its clients first. We catch up with Sophie to find out more. Family Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Wales Rooted in a commitment to focusing on the unique needs of every client to provide them with the best possible chance of a favourable outcome for their particular situation, Zeus Family Law is a close-knit business with areas of speciality in divorce, financial disputes, and matters concerning children. Leveraging the founding pillars of a strong community commitment, exceptional care for clients, and providing nothing sort of the most informed legal advice, Sophie and her team manage some of the most difficult times of their clients’ lives with empathy, integrity, and an innate professionalism that makes a world of difference. Matters of family law are incredibly complex and can be heart-wrenching, with this only being exacerbated by the times we live in and the issues we are facing, such as the ongoing cost of living crisis. Zeus Family Law strives to ease this burden considerably, a process that begins with an undercurrent of open and honest communication that runs throughout the business. As Sophie explains, “our team is committed to being not just legal advisors but trusted partners in our clients’ journeys.” This can be best be seen in the tailored and comprehensive support provided, such as in cases involving domestic violence. At present, the family law sphere is undergoing a rapid transformation as a result of several factors, perhaps most notably the introduction of the no-fault divorce. Commenting on this, Sophie tells us, “this major reform allows couples to divorce without assigning blame, fostering a more amicable process that signifies a move towards a more contemporary and less confrontational family law system.” Other developments impacting this space include the digitalisation of family courts on the back of the pandemic, and an increased focus on settling family disputes outside of court through the alternative dispute resolution process. Even as the field continues to change around it, Zeus Family Law remains committed to doing whatever it takes to provide its clients with the exceptional care that they deserve. Instrumental in the team achieving this is the vibrant internal culture that has been fostered and the overwhelming sense of collaborative spirit on display throughout the business. For Sophie, “our internal culture and team-focused mindset are not just about working together effectively; they’re about creating a sense of family and community within our firm.” By being a family themselves, this team are aptly prepared to best serve others. Working in such a personal sector is deeply rewarding for Sophie and her staff, this as a result of the profound impact their work has on the lives of clients and their families. Sophie encapsulates this, stating, “the opportunity to guide, support, and advocate for clients through such critical moments is both a privilege and a profound responsibility, with the outcomes of these cases often leaving a lasting impact on our clients’ lives.” After all, the duties of family law solicitors far exceed providing mere legal advice, they have to comfort and understand, tackling new challenges while maintaining the gold standard of care. Zeus Family Law is on the precipice of rapid growth and development, as having a built a solid foundation around excellence and exemplary client service, it is now seeking to expand. Looking ahead, Sophie speaks candidly about the firm increasing its services to include the likes of custody disputes and complex financial cases, addressing more avenues of the multifaceted family law arena with equal distinction. She summarises, “our vision is one of continuous growth, innovation, and deeper community involvement”, the latter of which can be seen through the free community legal clinics that this team provide across Cardiff. By offering clients enriched family law services and delivering them with empathy and excellence in equal measure, Zeus Family Law is Wales’ standout family law firm and a particularly bright spot in Cardiff’s legal scene. Contact: Sophie Lougher Company: Zeus Family Law Web Address: