UK Legal Awards 2024

Whenever we try to open a bank account, apply for a job, buy or rent a property, start a relationship or business, and more, people search for our names. But, what happens when we have a public record of sensitive and negative information following us around, probably forever? As many may not be aware, the UK’s GDPR rules include the Right to be Forgotten wherein each individual has the right to request the removal of information about you and this extends to REMOVING ARTICLES FROM GOOGLE. Without this right, when you’re trying to move on with your life after difficult times, it seems like information shared online keeps dragging us back. No matter how a person has tried to damage our reputation online, through the sharing of false information or the posting of sensitive videos or imagery, there are legal methods to remove the content, although it often takes reputation management professionals and skilled privacy lawyers such as the team at Internet Erasure Ltd. These expert caseworkers have acted for more than 700 clients and understand exactly how to remove the content which is holding you back. “We care deeply about upholding the Right to be Forgotten for our clients.” With 185 reviews and a flawless rating on Trustpilot, the case studies speak for themselves. As just one shining example of the reviews received by Internet Erasure, Craig said, “I can’t recommend Internet Erasure Ltd enough. An absolute fantastic service from beginning to end. Regular correspondence via email and WhatsApp keep you updated throughout the entire process. Internet Erasure Ltd have given me back the confidence to hold my head high when I walk into a room! Do not have any doubts about the service Internet Erasure Ltd offer, they will achieve what they set out to do. Thank you to the whole Team.” Offering free consultations and carefully advising throughout every unique case, Internet Erasure concentrates its efforts to get the best outcomes for every individual. Its team are “fierce advocates for each clients’ right to claim a fresh start.” As our Online Reputation Management Specialists 2024 it’s clear that Internet Erasure is the way forward for a brighter future, unimpacted by the problems or complexities of the years gone by. If you’re in need of support, contact Internet Erasure Ltd today. If you’ve ever been wrongly accused of something, suffered from online harassment or have a historic conviction, and these records have been shared online, there’s a lot to be gained by reaching out to Internet Erasure Ltd. Your troubles could include sensitive or damaging information which has been shared or posted online about you by someone with a taste for revenge or bitterness, but, with Internet Erasure, your Right to be Forgotten can be easily exercised. Here we take a closer look as the company celebrates winning their category in our UK Legal Awards 2024. Online Reputation Management Specialists 2024 Contact: Joy Martin Company: Internet Erasure Ltd Telephone: 020 3576 0356 Web Address: