UK Legal Awards 2024

Compliance On Demand is an award-winning governance, legal, and regulatory consultancy focused on the commercial and residential real estate sector. With over 70 years’ combined experience in representing highend clients, its team of talented lawyers are well-equipped to help clients navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. In the wake of its accomplishment at the UK Legal Awards, we take this opportunity to find out more about this unique consultancy. Best Real Estate Legal & Regulatory Consulting Firm 2024 Established in 2018 by Philip Omar, Compliance On Demand provides consulting services to regulated and unregulated businesses in real estate. The innovative consultancy also works with general corporate and not-for-profit clients to help them overcome challenges in the regulatory environment. Compliance On Demand advises several leading London Commercial Real Estate brokerage businesses on their Anti-Money Laundering, Data Protection, and other regulatory systems and controls. Renowned for its focus on excellence and quality, the company requires clients to demonstrate an ethical business model that addresses sustainability, social awareness, and good governance. Philip Omar is the company’s Founder, Director, and a solicitor with extensive experience in the real estate industry. In 2014, Philip joined AEW Europe, a Top 10 Global Real Estate Asset Manager, as Head of Legal and Compliance in London. During his four years at AEW, Philip participated in the launch of two LSE Listed REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), three FCA Regulated AIFs (Alternative Investment Funds), and numerous segregated mandates. In 2018, Philip recognised the need for tailored compliance and regulatory support for clients in the sector and Compliance On Demand was born. The consultancy is dedicated to providing exceptional regulatory and governance services which enable clients to remain compliant and competitive in their industries. With its personalised approach, Compliance On Demand can meet clients’ individual needs and offer them the tools needed for them to accomplish their goals and win business. Its team of leading commercial real estate asset and fund lawyers offer services in AntiMoney Laundering, Anti-Tax Evasion, Fund Governance, Data Protection, and much more. With its Anti-Money Laundering service, the team supports clients with mandatory risk assessments, policies, and due diligence procedures. Compliance On Demand also performs deep dive transaction due diligence and regulatory AML investigations carried out by HMRC, FCA, National Crime Agency, and HM Treasury OFSI. Through its Anti-Tax Evasion services, Compliance On Demand helps businesses create Anti-Tax Evasion policies and procedures which all companies and LLPs in the UK must have in place. The consultancy also offers Fund Governance, advising clients on terms for real estate funds and their governance, as well as assisting in fund launches and providing regulatory input. Additionally, Compliance On Demand provides a holistic service to help clients comply with the UK General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. This offering covers privacy policies, customer and employee notices, website privacy terms of business, and data sharing agreements. Another addition to its suite of services is assisting clients on corporate governance/ best practice systems and controls and supporting them on pitches to help them attract new clients and grow their business. Lastly, Compliance On Demand advises clients on equality, diversity, and inclusion by introducing policies and procedures relating to staff and third-party service providers. This service ensures that businesses remain compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the UN Global Compact. With its team’s combined experience, Compliance On Demand has assisted countless clients with their regulatory systems and controls to remain compliant and successful in their business. Since its inception, the consultancy has remained steadfast in its high quality standards and commitment to tailored support. These values have made the business uniquely positioned to help clients navigate the evolving regulatory environment. Recognised as this year’s Best Real Estate Legal & Regulatory Consulting Firm, Compliance On Demand will continue to leverage its regulatory and accounting expertise to support businesses on their path to success. We cannot wait to see how the consultancy will further enhance its holistic service to assist real estate clients for years to come. Contact: Philip Olmer Company: Compliance On Demand Limited Web Address: