UK Legal Awards 2024

SME UK Legal Awards 2024/ 20 Best Boutique Clinical Negligence Law Firm 2024 - England & Wales Hundreds of clients from across England and Wales have been afforded just results at the hands of Devonshires Claims, a firm whose team of compassionate, experienced medical negligence solicitors adopt a no win no fee approach to clients that have been on the receiving end of unfit care or treatment. Whether the offending party was a nurse, GP, surgeon, consultant, dentist, or any other figure in this space, Devonshires Claims does everything in its power to see that its clients are rightfully compensated for the hardship that they have been put through. From its home base in the heart of Central London, Devonshires Claims leverages the skill of a 14-strong team whose decades of diverse experience span all areas of clinical negligence and substantial personal injury, with a particular speciality in the areas of birth injury and catastrophic claims. Striking the balance between providing a no-nonsense professional approach in a legal setting while also radiating compassion, warm, and empathy behind the scenes, this team have a successful track record of serving justice and getting compensation for those who deserve it most. After all, medical practitioners owe every patient that they are responsible for a duty of care, and if this has not been the case, the impact can be devastating and cause longterm problems for the claimant. It is not fair that they should simply be brushed aside and left alone to deal with the fallout of something out of their control. Devonshires Claims thus speaks out and gives a voice to the voiceless, providing a bespoke service that is centred around righting the wrongs that have been done, all the while adhering to an unwavering ethical undercurrent that ensures a consistent and timeless approach to legal proceedings. Devonshires Claims recognises that its clients have already been through enough, so it strives to make the litigation process as timely and as stress-free as possible for them. Its results clearly work, as in the years since it was established, as the result of a merger between the recognised and established Devonshires Solicitors LLP’s Clinical Negligence department and the pioneering barrister-led firm PI Law Direct, this firm has secured millions of pounds of compensation for clients of medical negligence in numerous settings and circumstances. One of the defining elements of this service is the robust relationships formed between the solicitors and their clients, with face-to-face interaction prioritised from the off, whether this be in an in-person environment or through a video call on Teams. Devonshires Claims are acutely aware that it is vital for a claimant to know who it is that is advocating for them, and by putting them in direct contact with this individual, they can rest easy sound in the knowledge that their given expert is just a phone call away to guide them through what can be an incredibly stressful time in their lives. The common theme here is that Devonshires Claims’ operation is all based around one definitive value that is carved into its business culture. A commitment to its clients. It goes beyond simply offering legal advice, beyond even representing them in a legal setting, it forms partnerships that are mutually beneficial and give the best chance of a successful outcome. To ensure that this is always the case, the firm prides itself on developing its team constantly, giving them a platform to improve their skills and develop. This has resulted in a high retention rate and a team of peerless experts with a thorough understanding of their duty. Numbers speak volumes in this industry, and one number that arises time and again with Devonshires Claims is five. This is the number of stars that the firm has for every category of Review Solicitors’ ranking criteria, namely, value for money, communication, initial impressions, approachability, documentation accuracy, and legal knowledge. As a result of this, Devonshires Claims is one of the best reviewed legal firms for personal injury and clinical negligence in its region. An overall score of 4.8/5 from dozens of clients who have seen justice served is just a snapshot of the sustained excellence embodied by this team. Whether a prospective client needs help with a birth injury claim, laser eye surgery claim, cancer misdiagnosis claim, or anything in between, Devonshires Claims is the medical negligence solicitor of choice for those who want to get things done right. Contact: Karen Cathcart Company: Devonshires Claims Web Address: