UK Legal Awards 2024

“Very professional debt collector. Sorted out a bad debt for Handy Concrete in under a week. A debt that we have been chasing for six months. Can’t recommend his [Jonathan’s] services enough. Don’t wait months for YOUR money; contact Jonathan. We will be in future.” - Handy Concrete Should the company pick up the case, it will fall under one of four services, whether credit reports and investigations, debt recovery, dispute resolution, or court enforcement. Within its credit reports and investigations service, Money Claim Collections provides credit control and commercial investigations, alongside due diligence, international risk assessment, and fraud investigation services. Money Claim Collections can provide the support that its clients need in order to take on new work with peace of mind. Further, the company can investigate the previous appointments and business history of company directors as required. This means that it can identify if a business leader has had many previous occasions where their companies have dissolved or liquidated, as this can be a sign of fraudulent behaviour and mismanagement. It can also find out key credit information behind sole traders and homeowners, enabling its clients increased security when offering a service or supplying goods. Additionally, Money Claim Collections can trace and locate absconded and gone-away debtors. Upon a debtor’s disappearance, Money Claim Collections can use its inhouse intelligence software to locate debtors at their new address. Next is its debt recovery service, which is crucial to any successful business who is struggling to receive payments for their services. Late payments and bad debts can have a largely negative impact on cashflow and stifle growth, as a result pushing a business towards financial crisis. And debt recovery laws and regulations are ever-changing, making it increasingly complicated to issue a claim. As of 1st October 2017, Pre-Action Protocol was introduced, which is relevant to any business that is looking to claim a debt payment from a customer, and specifies the way in which both parties are expected to act, along with the actions that they should take before the situation can be taken to court. If court action can be avoided, then it should be, with this protocol designed to help resolve the issue first. Where court cannot be avoided, it is important that the debtor and creditor behave reasonably in order to steer clear of unnecessary costs and delays. It is at this stage of the process that a creditor will need expert advice and guidance in order to ensure that everything is completed correctly, with Money Claim Collections being the company to ensure this all runs smoothly. “He [Jonathan] managed to collect monies owed within a matter of hours after I’d struggled for months. Great communication and very effective at what he does. Would recommend and also use him again.” -Wood Environmental Services From there, Money Claim Collections’ dispute resolution service is dedicated to getting to the bottom of any dispute by using exclusive yet tried and tested methods, whether the debtor has chosen to fabricate false disputes, or it is simply a matter of miscommunication. Debt disputes can be devastating for a business, however a timely response can ensure it is dealt with swiftly and effectively, minimising the impact on commercial operations. Money Claim Collections’ highly motivated team are on hand to resolve the situation to a satisfactory conclusion that will be acceptable to the creditor. The company has found face-to-face collections to be a highly successful method of enforcing debt payment, mainly due to the fact that this makes the debt real to the individual, as they can no longer ignore it and just put the letter in the bin or block phone calls. When one of the company’s debt collection agent visits the premises, this makes the debtor take notice, which usually prompts immediate payment. When no real dispute has been raised and every other method has been attempted to acquire payment, Money Claim Collections is in a position to begin statutory action against the debtor. This is the step before issuing a winding up petition, a legal statement from the creditor to the debtor which states their intention to force liquidation and closure of their business if the funds aren’t received. Within its work, Money Claim Collections