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ledgers for us and we were delighted in the service they provided and helped to maintain stability within the team. A great extension to our internal collection process. Would recommend highly recommend.” -Marc Harrison Gabbot, Bagnall and Morris Reputable debt advice services such as National Debtline or Citizens Advice are also available to provide free, confidential, independent support when it comes to managing money and dealing with debt problems. These advisers understand that debt may seem difficult to deal with and that it can feel overwhelming, but they will work to find the best solution for every individual and help them to achieve a fresh start with their finances. Ultimately, as a creditor, it is now more important than ever that debt collection is prioritised, and Money Claim Collections is here to help resolve unpaid debts and maintain financial stability. If you are a business or individual who is struggling to acquire payment from a customer, please reach out to Jonathan Poulter or Joseph Kirby and their team, who are on hand to make sure you get paid the all the monies that are lawfully yours. Contact: Jonathan Poulter& Joseph Kirby Company: Money Claim Collections Web Address: delights in its various success stories, with its biggest accomplishment to date being the collection of £65,000 within 24 hours of instruction on behalf of a client who had been chasing invoices for 12 months. It also collected £35,000 on behalf of Olympus Fitout Contractors within two hours of instruction. Also among its accomplishments, it is pleased to have taken on huge leading companies as its clients such as Ash Waste and Bagnall and Morris. Not only is Money Claim Collections’ offering proactive and effective for its clients, but it is also bringing debt collection into the digital world, enabling its clients to upload files for assessment, receive live updates on their case, and speak to its expert collectors on live chat, among other features. As a result, clients are afforded an efficient, speedy service – Provided the company receives all documentation required, it will begin chasing within the hour, striving to complete the case without delay. “Money Claim Collections collected £62,000 for us within 72 hours of instruction from a debtor that has been ducking and diving payment for years. We will definitely be using them again.” -Malpas Tractors It has become clear the great contribution of Money Claim Collections towards its industry, which overall has a “reasonable” track record in providing good customer outcomes, according to CSA. Across the industry, CSA recognises how, for debtors who have been contacted by a debt collection agency, the majority have found their experience to be “good” or “excellent”. This shows how the process of debt recovery isn’t harsh or stressful like it is often depicted to be. In reality, individuals are pleasantly surprised at the helpful, patient support that is available to them, with this including the opportunity to arrange payment plans in order to complete payment over a longer period, or to attain a settlement arrangement that involves forbearance. There are certainly myths and misconceptions about the industry, and these can damage the confidence of individuals when it comes to dealing with debt collection agencies. From the debtor perspective, the best thing they can do is cooperate with creditors and their collection agencies early on in order to tackle the problem debt, and, if needed, address any struggles and access support that they may not know exists. Understanding that debt collection can be a sensitive issue, Money Claim Collections’ team are trained to take a professional and tactful approach, and they can handle the most challenging of cases. “Money Claim Collections have provided us with an end-to-end service debt collection service for the last eight months and have had incredible success. Many cases have been resolved within the matter of hours via telephone calls. Others have required court action and statutory demand. It has been a simple process to pass instructions which has been tailored to suit our needs. They have had success with the most evasive of customers and the collection approach is effective and ethical. Also, during a period of long-term sickness, they took over live