UK Transport Awards 2020

16 | SME NEWS - Transport Awards 2020 Signature Car Specialists Ltd Best German Vehicle Dealership - Lancashire Feb20472 Company: Signature Car Specialists Ltd Contact: Raja Akeel Website: Located between Burnley and Blackburn lies the village of Simonstone, where Signature Car Specialists has been established since 2005. Selling a wide range of vehicles, the team brings a great many years of experience specialising in the German brands of Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, and a selective group of 4x4 vehicles. Today, residents of Lancashire can benefit from that expert knowledge as Signature Car Specialists house some of the most unique and highly sought-after pre-owned German vehicles. Every single one of the vehicles that the dealership sells is carefully selected and predominantly sourced through other main dealers. Before sales however, the team works hard and takes great pride in preparing the vehicles to the highest possible standards, ensuring customers leave with the best used German vehicles on the market. As Signature Car Specialists is a Trading Standards Approved Dealership, customers know that the vehicles can be trusted and polished to the highest quality. There is no denying that German engineering is amongst some of the finest in the world, as is the breadth of motoring excellence from Germany as well. It is little secret that Audi cars are amongst some of the finest in the world, and one Lancashire-based car dealership has recognised the power of these machines. Discover the exceptional service and equally excellent range of German cars at Signature Car Specialists as we take a closer look. Not only do German cars exemplify the very best in modern vehicular engineering, but specific models from Audi and Mercedes are often considered amongst the more luxurious and prestige cars across the world today. Offering purchases, part-exchanges, and sales services, anyone can get their hands on some of the finest vehicular German engineering available in the world today. Owning and driving one of these beautiful cars is more than just an exquisite physical experience; it is a symbol of status, luxury, and power. Despite their pre-owned status, one of the German vehicles from Signature Car Specialists is a car of the highest quality and anyone would be proud to drive one.