UK Transport Awards 2021

10 | Transport Awards 2021 Feb21149 Best Traffic Management Signage & Fencing Company - Midlands & South West Signal Traffic Management is the winner of the ‘Best Traffic Management Signage & Fencing Company’ award for its region, proving with every project it works on that this title embodies them. Its management and consultation services are come of the best in its industry, and it reflects on the work it has done to make it so. With combined experience in traffic management and many years of proven excellence in its field, Signal Traffic Management Ltd operates throughout the midlands in the UK. Partnered with the UK Civil Engineering and Construction industries and keeping the protection of the travelling public as its core priority, Signal facilitates the repair, maintenance, and renewal of Britain’s travel networks. This includes the country’s roads, railways, and utilities infrastructure. Its work effectively ensures the safety of workers within and pedestrians moving around temporary work zones, from diverting foot and vehicle traffic to designing safety measures that will help it best achieve this. Working within the dynamic and changeable industry of travel logistics and safety planning, its core competency lies in project management and implementation; furthermore, it is compelled to constantly innovate and evolve. Its workflows and processes have been specifically designed to be flexible. This allows its to seamlessly integrate new developments, as it knows the importance of keeping abreast of the research and development its industry benefits from. Its dedication to adaptability has meant that it can work to any client’s specifications, no matter how detailed. Its solutions are also all digitally enabled. Signal’s technological acumen is one of the many reasons why it has made itself as exemplary as it has – it ensures communication within its ranks even in the most remote locations, enabling on-site and pro-active safety measures, and keeping an eagle eye over the whole proceedings. It maintains critical lines of dialogue across the site with real-time information relay systems, and updates these regularly to remain competitive. Due to this, it has become a go-to solution for many of its clients, as its professionalism and excellence permeate all elements of its work process. Its values also underpin every one of these elements, allowing its team to hold themselves to a consistently high standard. These have been the same since its founding, and even whilst its business has scaled up considerably since its founding, the bedrock it has built itself up from hasn’t shifted. This is something about its business model that it takes great pride in, as Signal can hold up its team first and foremost as the true measure of its success. Despite such an increased workload and handling what can potentially be many clients at once, everyone is unwavering in their dedication to the company and to client satisfaction. This is what has made Signal a front runner, as it is empowered by a staff who are all on the same page, working towards common goals: keeping people safe, processes moving, and traffic flowing. It also implements its own creative ingenuity when working with a client, striving to first and foremost accomplish innovation by design. This means that not only does it incorporate externally made developments into its work, but breakthroughs are made in-house all the time that push this ambitious business forward. Signal’s services cover consultation and planning for all manner of temporary traffic management projects. It encourages clients to get in touch with it directly to hash out how it may best be of help, as its highly tailorable services mean that it can fit itself to match a client, instead of the other way around. Its clients appreciate this as it allows them to carry out their project exactly as they envisioned, guided by Signal’s expert eye. Only a client knows exactly what they want to get out of a project, but Signal can help them further define it, and then implement it meticulously to ensure hiccups are either totally erased or seamlessly managed. Similarly, Signal’s strict and rigorous planning makes sure that a client’s project starts, hits targets, and finishes on time. This is invaluable in the traffic construction and management industry, and indeed in all industries that Signal touches, as it prevents unnecessary mistakes and keeps all staff on task and in the know. When every person knows not only what they are doing, but the goal they are working towards, it renews the drive and vigour of the whole team, and that motivates scrupulous results. Whether a project involves small roads, dual carriageways, motorways, or tram lines, Signal’s core drive is to work with a client to make their project fully compliant with Chapter 8. The work it does in the preliminary stages of its contract will therefore involve the client’s voice at every stage in the process, letting them see in person how it works and why each step is important. With safety at the heart of its operations, responsibility is also an incredibly important aspect of its work. When it takes on work with a client, it promises that this will be extended to their staff as much as it covers Signal’s own. It takes responsibility for the safety of all those working on a project, as well as the pedestrians that travel through the area, reassuring the client that it scrutinises all of its processes with the most critical of eyes in order to do this. Therefore, its commitment to the efficacy of its solutions is unwavering, and it will go above and beyond to uphold this tenant of responsibility. It also wishes to be cost effective. Safety and project management solutions that allow a crucial piece of work to be carried out well shouldn’t break the bank. In this way, Signal strives to work within a client’s budget, carrying out those conversations empathically and with a deep understanding of the blockers that the client may face due to its years of industry experience. Alongside innovation and responsibility is Signal’s work towards corporate environmental responsibility. It has attained the accreditation of ISO14001 for Environmental Management due to this work, and therefore its solutions reflect this. It