UK Transport Awards 2021

2 | Transport Awards 2021 Welcome to the Transport Awards 2021 The UK Transport Awards returns for its second year, allowing SME News magazine to once again reward the hardworking individuals and firms working in this demanding sector for their innovation and excellence in their business practice as well as their outstanding overall performance. Transport can be one of the most important aspects in our daily lives, whether its arriving at work or school on time or receiving vital deliveries. We are always seeing continuous improvement to these services, with the introduction of smart roads, fleet software and similar technologies, it is clear that the UK always strives to enable us all to get where we need to go. In the last 60 years, we have seen a significant growth in car users alongside other methods of transport. The UK automotive sector employs 731,000 people and it is expected that 100,000 new automotive jobs will be created by 2020. We also boast a radial road network totalling 29,145 miles of main road, 2,173 miles of motorways and 213,750 miles of paved roads; 2,560 passenger railway stations on the Network Rail network and over 40 commercial airports, 20 of which are major international hubs, and as such there is a rich field of candidates deserving of accolades. Laura Brookes | Senior Editor +44 (0) 20 3970 0052