UK Transport Awards 2021

20 | Transport Awards 2021 listed on its website. Its base in Kent also has the capacity for tonnes of storage, with warehouse units and distribution services available from these sites. Its heavy lifting capabilities are another exemplary aspect of its service, able to lift to 15,000kgs with its technologically advanced equipment and solutions. Its warehouses are also protected by top of the line security to offer its clientele peace of mind that their goods will be safe. Having transported for many satisfied clients since its inception, most of whom become return customers, it will be continuing its path to ever- improving excellence as it considers its future. Company: Alcaline UK Limited Contact: Dominic Graham Website: A haulage company serving the European bloc with dedication, efficiency, and prowess at the top of its sector’s capabilities, Alcaline UK is a Kent based company with an international client base and an expanding list of partners. An international haulage company offering its services throughout Europe, Alcaline UK is a logistics solution business that quickly cemented itself as a leader of industry. Its road and air services provide its clients with many ways to move their goods and transport them to many different locations, and since its founding in 1993, its dedication to growth has only expanded its reach. With an ISO9001 accreditation and specialist areas in Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, its daily departures offer FTL and Groupage loads. It also operates in Switzerland, Malta, and Spain, with developing markets in other European nations as it continues to accrue partnerships in the bloc. From its base in Hythe, Kent, it oversees its affiliates and services with efficiency and efficacy; to this end, its latest tracking facility procedures are constantly being upgraded to be the most competitive amongst industry standards. In tandem with this, it will always strive to meet its customer’s demands, implementing further developments across the board to allow it to do so. Its client base includes Blue Chip and prime Automotive manufacturers, and so its business has rapidly upscaled to match that demand. This upscaling has meant the recruitment and onboarding of many new staff, the technical upskilling of those persons with constant training, and the adoption of new technologies as the industry innovates further. With both new and more experienced personnel in its ranks, it takes great pride in its staff and how they work together as a team to solve any problems that Alcaline UK might face. This team is what makes it stand out amongst its competitors as they approach every problem with an attitude of ‘this can be worked’. Furthermore, the energetic and dynamic approach that this team takes to its work, as well as the personable and charismatic customer service they offer, has become something that Alcaline is known for. Its customers benefit from Alcaline staff’s enthusiasm and professionalism in every aspect of the working process, from first contact right through to the day of picking up the haulage. Its team are also multi-lingual and highly diverse, Best Road & Air Haulage Company - Europe allowing it to solve complex problems efficiently. Factors like these are what has secured Alcaline its position as one of the best haulage companies operating in the Anglo-Italian market. With a fleet ranging from emergency van vehicles to articulated lorries, it can handle a variety of haulage jobs, no matter how much a client wishes to transport. No job is too big or too small for Alcaline, and its areas of expertise include FTL, LTL, Time critical work, groupage service jobs, double manned team efforts, airfreight work, and work needing coiler equipment. Its services also can include next day delivery to most of the European bloc. Its base being in Kent allows it to be based ten minutes from the Channel Tunnel Terminal and half an hour away from the Port of Dover. This allows it to deal with all enquiries to and from Italy, France, and Switzerland, and its Dutch offices handle coiler trailers and enquiries from Belgium and Holland, with contact details for all Feb21443