UK Transport Awards 2021

27 | Transport Awards 2021 The Executives Choice Chauffeur Company is an industry leading private hire company of the UK that offers an exceptional, VIP service for customers throughout the country. Having taken on key roles in keeping the UK moving throughout the pandemic, Executives Choice is now returning its focus to exceptional private hire services. We take a closer look at how the award-winning firm is preparing for the resuming of business travel. Situated only minutes away from London Stansted Airport and in close proximity to the city and its major airports, The Executives Choice Chauffeur Company was established over five years ago, in response to a gap in the market recognised by Founder, Graham Anderson. Graham, who had previously held a career working in the financial markets, had spent much of his working life travelling from location to location but found that most of the executive chauffeur services he used did not meet expectation. Lacking key attributes such as timeliness, hygiene, conscientious customer service, and good driving standards, the executive vehicles operating in the UK’s premium private transport market were far below the standards set by those in the US and Far East markets. Consequently, Graham left the financial markets to establish his own executive private hire firm, prioritising service that met the standards he expected so as to deliver customer experiences for others that outstripped the competition. Initially serving clients seeking transport for business trips, roadshows, and client meetings, Executives Choice has developed over the five years since its inception to provide a full selection of services within the executive market. The firm has since entered the VIP and security markets as well, supporting chauffeur companies within the sectors in transporting clients to private jets and major events. Executives Choice also provides cars for weddings as a more lowkey choice for smaller weddings or vehicles for bridesmaids that follow the main wedding car. Central to the success of Executives Choice has been Graham’s adamance in not just finding drivers to drive his fleet of vehicles, but The Executives Choice Chauffeur securing the right driver. The recruitment process is meticulous and comprehensive, ensuring that candidates integrate well into the culture of excellence that Graham has fostered in his professional company. The core values that have been embedded into the very fabric of Executives Choice are communication, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Both drivers and office staff go through a rigorous interview process to ensure they hold all these values as well as a professional, friendly customer manner. Additionally, Executives Choice’s team of drivers take a driving assessment and are regularly reassessed throughout their careers. Graham has also implemented a policy into his company model that states that no driver or car does more than three journeys in a day. More than three risks overwhelming a driver and making him late for other appointments and reduces the time available between trips to give the car a deep clean. Whether it is the first or last journey that a car has done that day, there should be absolutely no difference in the state or cleanliness of the vehicle. That is what separates Executives Choice from its competition. Like so many industries, the executive private hire sector has seen the effects of the Covid-19 crisis over the last year, with Executives Choice seeing 140 cancellations in the first few months of the pandemic. However, Executives Choice was quick to adapt, fixing Perspex screens into every vehicle as an extra measure of safety for clients, in addition to deep cleans and disinfectant fogging between each journey, masks and sanitiser being available to clients and used by drivers, and all luggage being wiped down before being handed back to clients. Customers have reported that these measures have been key to giving them the confidence to travel with Executives Choice, safe in the knowledge that their comfort and safety is being prioritised. While executive travel may have decreased over the last year, Graham and his team have kept busy by updating their services to contribute to the efforts against the pandemic. Executives Choice has introduced courier services and patient transport, the latter having really taken off when hospitals welcomed patients back for treatments for serious conditions. Executives Choice has also been used by charter airlines involved in the repatriation of UK citizens from abroad, working with aircrew who worked abnormal hours and helping passengers who arrived in the country far from home. As a result of its proactivity over the last year, Executives Choice remains a trusted choice that customers can have confidence in returning to as government restrictions lift and executive travel resumes. Executives Choice is communicating with new and existing clients to let them know that they are ready for them when they are. At the same time, the firm is making plans to re- establish funds within the company finances so as to accommodate the continued electrification of the fleet throughout 2021, so that when executive clients do return to Executives Choice, they can continue to rely on the firm for superior private hire service that is unmatched in the UK. Contact: Graham Anderson Company: The Executives Choice Chauffeur Web Address: Mar21117 Best Executive Chauffeur Services Provider - South East & Private Hire Customer Services Excellence Award 2021