UK Transport Awards 2021

30 | Transport Awards 2021 upon request. This functions as an excellent ‘show don’t tell’ method by which it demonstrates its values of honesty and transparency in customer service. Its factory is completely state of the art, and with a 12-month guarantee on all its work, it strives to grant its clients peace of mind in repayment for their trust. In another show of its dedication to client service, its fleet of Fiat 500 hire cars and wheel delivery and collection service ensures that it can fit its processes to a client’s schedule, making itself convenient to work with. Since the continued increase in the use of alloy wheels on vehicles across the board, Prestige Wheels has found itself exponentially busier. It takes great pride in its ability to respond to industry developments by bettering its internal practices, ensuring its factories have access to the best industrial standards of equipment, and implementing a state of the art booking platform to streamline the process for clients. Boasting some of the most generous investments in its tools and in training its staff to use them, it ensures it remains at the head of the pack in its field. In the future, it will be continuing with this trend, turning its focus towards hiring and training additional mobile technicians as it has been doing over the course of the pandemic. Foreseeing no end to its current growth spike, Prestige Wheels looks forward to an optimistic future, hoping to expand its reach to UK-wide before long – a goal that moves closer by the day. Company: Prestige Wheels Contact: Mark Greenwood Website: Offering heightened standards of both mobile and in-house alloy wheel refurbishment services, Prestige Wheels is a business leaping from milestone to milestone. With exemplary in-house practices and a recent boom in growth, it considers where it will be directing this growth in the future. Based in Greater Manchester and operating out of a 9,000 square foot factory as a head office, Prestige Wheels specialises in the complete refurbishment of alloy wheels for vehicles. Becoming the preferred retailer of choice over the past 20 years since its founding, it works hard to provide industry leading services, also serving insurance persons, body shops, and dealerships alongside its own end users. It is highly proficient in all kinds of wheel servicing jobs such as repairing dents, scratches, or cracked alloy, and its team are what make it as specialised as it is. They are some of the best in the sector when it comes to full refurbishment services from bespoke colour changes to diamond turning. Prestige Wheels also offers corrosion correction, nullifying the harmful effects of rust and giving the vehicle a new lease of life. Offering both mobile and drive-in services, its focus is first and foremost on serving the client to the best of its ability. No job is too big or small for this company, and it consistently strives to push the standards of excellence in its industry with its range of alloy wheel refurbs, which again can both be mobile or conducted in-house. From kerb scratches to full diamond cut factory refurbishment, it will see every job through to the highest standards of completion. Furthermore, its decades of experience in its industry have meant that it now offers one of the most comprehensive lists of competencies found within its sector. All of Prestige Wheels’ technicians are adept at addressing all manner of vehicular issues across a wide range of makes and models, fully trained to be able to carry out refurbishments even on the most intricate of wheels in the most damaged conditions. Rejecting the franchise model, all its staff are employed directly by the business, ensuring a tightly knit collaborative mentality. Best Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services - Greater Manchester Similarly, its mobile team is dedicated to carrying out the best service, whatever the weather: literally. With the loftiest standards of professional acumen, techniques, and the newest tools available to them, Prestige Wheels can operate with the utmost efficiency in the most difficult conditions. It also carries out thorough pre and post vehicle checks before and after working, making those photos fully available to a client Feb21146