UK Transport Awards 2021

32 | Transport Awards 2021 customers in order to get the job done. This approach has built an organisation which retains staff and does not have to hire on a regular basis. The transport that 001 Taxis offers is vital to the success of places like Oxford, providing a key link between locations that cannot be replaced. Their success is due not just to providing an excellent service, but to engaging with the local community and the people who live within it. Company: The Oxfordshire Taxi Company Limited Name: Amir Khan Email: The humble taxi remains one of the easiest ways of getting where you want to go, and the team behind 001 Taxis in Oxfordshire are one of the most effective on the scene. Drawing on years of expertise, the firm now has access to an ever-growing fleet to match their ever-increasing customer base. We take a closer look at the firm to see what secrets lie behind their success. When thinking of Oxford, many focus on the beautiful sights and the academic reputation it has built for itself, but few consider the transport links that make it such a lovely place to live. For the team behind 001 Taxis, maintaining these links has been key to their continued success. Whether it is travelling for business or pleasure, the team at 001 Taxis have your back. Their impressive fleet of vehicles, matched by a talented crew of committed drivers, ensure that you arrive at your destination on time and in perfect safety. There is always a vehicle to suit every requirement, which is why the team have become so highly regarded as one of the best in the business, trusted by exclusive hotels, NHS and Government agencies alike. The firm first opened its doors in 1977 with a single car. Over the last forty years, it has grown to the impressive fleet of 600 taxis today, with the last few years demonstrating a firm that is committed to embracing new technologies. 001 Taxis has its feet firmly planted in the 21st Century, embracing the potential of the best technology to perform at the best possible level for clients. This innovative streak has proven key to the firm’s survival, with the ideas generated at management level always diverse and unique. Other companies are often inspired by this work, implementing them far and wide. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for innovation has never been clearer. With a view to helping people within the community, 001 Taxis has worked as part of a number of community-led schemes that have helped those who might not have had anyone or anything. In January 2021, the firm offered Cabs for Jabs, a free trip for over-70s to and from their local vaccination centre. The scheme proved enormously successful, transporting thousands of people that may not otherwise have been able Taxi Company of the Year 2021 – Oxfordshire to access this essential service. The use of public transport would have been too much of a risk for many. The appeal has encouraged the team to offer it to those who are over the age of 65 as more people are able to be vaccinated. Naturally a key part of the team’s innovative approach and friendly appeal is the staff. With over 600 cars, it’s clear there’s an impressive team behind them. The key has been to see them as more than a bunch of colleagues. They are a team, a real family, and 001 Taxis is equally important to every single member of that family. This is shown by the way in which the team will go above and beyond for the firm and for their Feb21168