UK Transport Awards 2021

33 | Transport Awards 2021 The transport industry often finds itself focusing on the hardware involved, but like all businesses, the people are vital to ensuring its success. The team behind DH Team Ltd are passionate about the needs of people, providing a contract driver hire service within the UK that is second to none. We take a closer look at the firm, in the light of its extraordinary success in the UK Transport Awards 2021. The role of recruitment is vital to any industry, and since 2006, DH Team has been a key part of this sector within the UK. Since opening its doors, the team have played a role in the placement of over two thousand drivers into full-time employment. Their knowledge not only of what business needs, but of how the industry operates, has given them a significant advantage over the competition. Many companies work with DH Team because of their knowledge of industry norms, as they know they will find candidates who are equally knowledgeable of what is expected of them. With a regular contract hire team on hand, it’s possible for DH Team to cut out the middleman of direct hit costs as they are the employer at all times. There are no self-employed operators, which gives the team enormous freedom to supply experienced drivers at incredibly short notice. DH Team works across many different parts of the transport sector, with coach drivers, service bus drivers, operations staff and CPC qualified transport managers on hand to support their clients. Each driver who is sent out is guaranteed to have the necessary skillset to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The success of the team so far has allowed them to launch a new wing of the company in 2021, focused on supplying drivers in the commercial freight sector. One of the services that has become most popular over the last few years is the firm’s free recruit service. This brings drivers and operators together, remembering that it is not just the operator that is looking for a good driver, but a driver who is looking for a good operation. The scheme carries no expensive agency fees and is backed by the team’s own internal contract driver hire grant scheme. This trains the right people for the right jobs within the transport industry and ensures impressive consistency in performance as a result. Most Trusted Transport Recruitment Company 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the operations of DH Team, with the coach industry on hold throughout the pandemic. Many respected companies who the team have had a long history of work with have been forced to stop trading as a result. For DH Team, the entire staff has been on furlough until the industry picks up again. As a result of the nature of the firm, it was not eligible for a COVID grant from the government. This has forced the team into a new way of working. By looking at what services are on offer and introducing new ways of working, the team have put themselves into a position where they can thrive as the world returns to normal. There are new services and contract hire grants on offer, with the capacity to tailor services to the needs of the individual company. The pandemic has really pushed back the firm to a position as a start-up, but it is a start-up with experience, pedigree and a high degree of compliance across the board. While there have been challenges in the past, the future is bright for this talented team. As the team start the recruitment process of many new contracts, there are exciting times ahead for all concerned. Certainly, the work that this team does is a vital part of the industry at large and is certainly to be key to the sector bouncing back stronger than ever before. Company: DH Team Ltd Name: Del Haggerty Email: Web Address: Feb21353