UK Transport Awards 2021

4 | Transport Awards 2021 Feb21200 Best Courier Delivery Service - West Midlands With half a century of experience under its belt and many accreditations that this award will be joining, EDS Couriers is a highly effective parcel and pallet distribution service proving that an old company can learn new tricks. EDS couriers is a parcel and pallet delivery business making waves in the shipping industry, with nationwide deliveries and notorious reliability. It takes all jobs on with the utmost dedication to ensuring the parcel or pallet in question arrives where it is supposed to be and on schedule, giving care and attention to even the smallest detail. In this way, EDS Couriers ensures that its clients are satisfied, and its procedures are watertight, leaving very little margin for error. For over 65 years its commitment to friendly, personable, dependable work has allowed it to keep a familial feel in the company whilst implementing all the professional acumen of its largest competitors. It operates out of its depots in Staffordshire, the largest of which is based in Cannock, with another depot in Stoke on Trent. From these bases, all parcels are distributed by the Alternative Parcel Company, APC, who have over 100 depots nationwide, and pallets are distributed by the Palletforce network, also boasting over 100 depots. It is proud to offer next day delivery as one of its most prevailed upon services, and something its clients laud as one of the best in the field for trustworthiness. It can even offer same day delivery on any item within certain spheres of travel using its dedicated independent sameday department. Every year, the APC Network delivers up to 1 million parcels, and its delivery success rate it nothing short of exemplary, an aspect of its operation that continues to lead the industry standard. The year 2020 saw records broken, as the APC Network handled over 1 million parcels, for the first time in its history. With deliveries that span the entire globe, not just the UK, EDS Couriers provides a service that serves a wide and diverse clientele. Letters and pallets alike are distributed around the world daily by EDS Couriers, from Hong Kong to Helsinki. It makes a promise when it begins working with a client that come rain or shine, no job is too big or small, and no challenge is insurmountable. The shipping and fulfilment business is a busy and dynamic sector where many plates are spinning at once, requiring strict project management and effective working processes – EDS Couriers prides itself on delivering all of this. Its large range of flexible and adaptive solutions can all be tailored to suit a client’s needs, working with them to iron out their demands, and recommend the service it thinks they will best benefit from. If its set options for whatever reason aren’t suitable for a client, it will work hard to find one It takes all jobs on with the utmost dedication to ensuring the parcel or pallet in question arrives where it is supposed to be and on schedule, giving care and attention to even the smallest detail. that does, altering the flexible elements of its process to suit budget, schedule, and other external factors. This is all part of EDS Couriers’ goal of granting a client peace of mind by showing them they have put their trust in the right company. Its same day delivery service is particularly adept at tailoring services to suit client needs, working hard to fit the delivery into the most efficient and shortest time frame whilst not sacrificing quality of service or the safety of the item. Thus, its clients often find this service is incredibly effective for the handling of emergency deliveries. EDS Couriers also prizes the availability of this service, serving the commercial and business market from small to very large corporations, establishing long-lasting relationships with them that often make it their go-to shipping service. EDS Couriers will always seek to meet and then to exceed client expectations, scanning and tracking all parcels to ensure their safety in transit. It utilises the best in satellite tracking technology to do this, allowing it to keep track of its deliveries and give clients accurate updates that are down to the minute, with its outstanding customer service team on stand by to guide a client with any questions or concerns they might have. Their sophisticated tracking technology also enables them to send an array of automated emails and/or text messages, included confirmation of an estimated 2-hour time window for delivery. Clients appreciate this customer- first mentality that it has expertly shown at every stage in the process, and consequentially, it has accrued an impressive number of glowing reviews on various web platforms. It has made itself a true one-stop-shop for shipping and distribution when it comes to parcels and pallets. The excellence in every part of its process brings it significant prestige