UK Transport Awards 2022

6 | UK Transport Awards 2022 Feb22427 Most Trusted Same Day Courier Service - UK & Europe The journey of MPC couriers is one which embraces technology and people in equal measure. The driving force at the heart of the organisation, however, is a commitment to serving the needs of the customer. With such incredible resources behind them, it’s little wonder they achieved such remarkable success in SME News’ UK Transport Awards 2022. We take a closer look to discover more. When it comes to getting essential freight delivered around the country, business has come to rely on a range of small enterprises that have the resources to get the job done. The best of these is able to react quickly to rapid demand, offering a solution that is deftly tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Of course, no two shipments are the same and this can mean trawling through the various options for hauliers on the market to find one that meets your specific requirements. Thanks to the team at MPC Couriers, this search is now over. Their incredible range of different vehicles, located the length and breadth of the UK, has made them one of UK’s most versatile performers. Able to meet almost any need that might arise in terms of light and heavy haulage, they have been proud to garner a reputation that matches their impeccable level of performance. For most people, the need for a logistics service that can react quickly to their specific demands is at the core of what must be offered by a courier. With over 7000 vehicles of various types based in every corner of the UK, this breadth of operation is precisely what drives MPC Couriers forward every day. They are proud to provide complete peace of mind to all of their clients, which is why they have been able to garner such incredible success. Needless to say, the track record of every member of staff is exemplary, giving a perspective that stands apart when it comes to service. When the team takes on a client’s project, they are able to take advantage of numerous benefits. First and foremost amongst these is the guaranteed same day delivery for those who require urgent deliveries. With couriers acting as a crucial part of the supply chain, it’s little wonder that the team are always looking to ensure that they can meet the varied needs of their clients as much as possible. Often, their support allows for pickup of a product within sixty minutes and at all times, care is taken to ensure that the process is 100% hassle-free. When you get a quote from MPC Couriers, it is based precisely on your delivery needs. The team’s incredible array of vehicles includes 13.6m Artics, 4 axle tractors, 6 axle tractors and flatbeds. They has been responsible for transporting everything from refrigerated and chilled items to containers, fragile products and high security deliveries. If there is a need to crane on or off the trailer, MPC Couriers can provide these facilities. Truly, this is a one-stopshop when it comes to offering haulage with a difference. They not only know and understand the market, they lead the way through their comprehensive solutions. As such, the team is proud to offer a service that is truly personalised as far as possible. Finding the right way forward for your specific circumstances is not always easy, and there are often more options than many might think. Working with the MPC Couriers team automatically opens the door to a path filled with discounted rates. Over the years, the team has expanded from their head office in Birmingham to reach out Thanks to the team at MPC Couriers, this search is now over. Their incredible range of different vehicles, located the length and breadth of the UK, has made them one of UK’s most versatile performers