UK Transport Awards 2023

16 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23574 Best Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealership & Automotive Services Garage 2023 – Cambridgeshire Cromwell-Cars is proudly hyper focused on providing the best service for every single one of its customers. No matter what they’re looking for, whether it’s an expert vehicle service, to buy, sell, or part exchange, Cromwell-Cars always strives to make the entire process completely stress free. This small yet mighty business offers used vans, cars, and motorhomes, so that we can all enjoy the finer things in life without a huge price tag. Buying brand new can be costly, and brand new doesn’t always mean better for the environment. These are just two reasons why CromwellCars is the vehicle dealership of choice in Cambridgeshire. It offers fair prices for reliable motors, and its professional yet down to earth approach keeps people coming back for more. Cromwell-Cars thrives in its environment of solid teamwork. Everyone brings something to the table within its team, and each individual works to their strengths. It creates a fine balance where the team really does work like a well-oiled machine. Communicating their fresh ideas and being reliable for one another, Cromwell-Cars ensures this glowing atmosphere of teamwork and responsiveness beams outwardly onto all of its customers. The team is small and close-knit, and no one at Cromwell-Cars feels like a number. In the same vein, its kindness and no pressure approach instils confidence in its customers, as they all know they’re not just a number either. It doesn’t force sales, and it certainly doesn’t pressure its customers to return should they be looking for another vehicle in the future however, Cromwell-Cars finds that a large number of its customers do return for their next vehicle. Cromwell-Cars wants to build strong relationships with customers, no matter how many times they return. It strives to be a friend to its customer, building trust with every new connection forged. With glowing reviews, Cromwell-Cars has swiftly gained a great reputation in the area and beyond. An extremely happy customer, Michael Nixon, said, “Cromwell Cars in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, what a brilliant used car company to deal with. Robin and John are both honest and trustworthy, I have bought from them and will do again. Highly recommend to all. Great value and great service.” Winning Best Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealership & Automotive Services Garage 2023 – Cambridgeshire, Cromwell-Cars is a pre-owned vehicle specialist we won’t forget. If you’re looking for a new car, van, or motorhome – or simply looking to maintain the one you already have – you can easily reach Cromwell-Cars in a matter of moments via its website below. Contact: John Holtom Company: Cromwell-Cars Ltd Web Address: Whether you’re new to the world of vehicles or someone who has owned plenty, maintaining, buying, and even selling a car can seem daunting at the best of times. However, Cambridgeshire-based CromwellCars Ltd is here to help – every step of the way. Always putting customer service before everything else, Cromwell-Cars has been recognised in SME News’ UK Transport Awards 2023.