UK Transport Awards 2024

Having spent plenty of time working alongside individuals and businesses within the transport industry, it didn’t take long for the brilliant minds behind Moon 15 to recognise a gap in the market that was in dire need of filling. It became evident that, while many sole traders and small businesses within the trade wanted to use ePOD solutions to complement their businesses, all of the systems at the time were often expensive, unintuitive, and would shackle transporters into their ecosystem. Believing that the opposite should be the norm, Moon 15 went about devising a solution that promised cost-effective solutions – ones that would encourage clients to grow their business however they may wish. These solutions ultimately came together to form PocPod – a digital transporter application that stands as a culmination of Moon 15’s commitment to utilising its talent for the benefit of its clients. As a software development company at heart, the collective has always spent its years devising various processes and solutions for an array of individuals, but PocPod is the very first application to seamlessly remove the burden of repetitive processes, all while providing businesses with the tools to thrive at an affordable price. Partnered with the fact that Moon 15 is constantly taking feedback on board to ensure the enhanced functionality of its app, it’s clear that it values the ideas of industry experts. With this collaborative approach, PocPod has become an award-winning tool for all manner of customers. Since the company’s establishment, Moon 15 has been eagerly allowing the advice of various transporters across the industry to guide it, while simultaneously creating connections with other businesses invested in the trade. As such, the collective views the UK transport market – and the people who work within it – as its influencers, placing PocPod in the perfect position to remain an invaluable instrument for any and all vehicle transport needs. In fact, Moon 15 is always on the lookout for new partnerships, hoping that, in working with new customers and businesses alike, it can pursue even further development. In the company’s own words – “The more people who get in touch and want to talk about what we can do to change their business, the better.” In short, Moon 15 is a software developer that, while priding itself on its achievements, is always avidly searching for ways to harness the feedback of its customers for their further benefit. Behind its solutions lies a motivation to truly cater to the various unique needs posed by the UK transport industry, resulting in a collective that’s willing to remain versatile in its solutions. PocPod represents this notion perfectly, and yet it’s an application that is ever evolving. This attribute ultimately guarantees that the industry will always have access to a relevant platform that, at its core, is a culmination of genuine industry input and exceptional software development talent. It isn’t common for companies to admit that they depend on the guidance of their respective industry’s experts to create a product that will always work, without fail. However, Moon 15 is an exception – it honours the needs of its customers above all else, ensuring that PocPod not only carries out its duties as an application, but is also fully equipped to maintain its status as a reliable companion within the industry. As such, it has become an award-winning application that clearly has a bright future ahead of it. Contact: Matthew Hartley Company: Moon 15 Web Address: No matter how one approaches vehicle transportation, it’s often times an arduous task that can detract from the vitality of any business. As opposed to focusing on the aspects that help them to serve their customers, collectives are left having to constantly strike a balance that could result in disorganisation and unnecessary amounts of paperwork. In response to this issue, Moon 15 leveraged its breadth of capabilities to create PocPod – a competitive digital transporter application that’s capable of covering electronic point of collection, and point of delivery proofs. Join us as we delve into how PocPod has gone on to alleviate the strain of various businesses across the UK. Best Vehicle Transport App 2024: Pocpod