UK Transport Awards 2024

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 12 Most Customer-Focused Vehicle Delivery Company 2024 NLH Vehicle Movements is a client-centric vehicle delivery company whose commitment to commercial automotive collection and delivery has garnered the attention of businesses across the industry. Primarily working closely with major truck manufacturers, their dealerships, vehicle bodybuilders, and charities throughout the UK, the company has amassed an abundance of long-lasting customer relationships that stand as a testament to its brilliance. Below, we explore how NLH Vehicle Movements’ award-winning drivers and handover specialists create a truly bespoke vehicle delivery service that fully focuses on enhancing the customer experience tenfold. Dedicated to providing both innovative and customised solutions that are specifically designed to forge strong, long-lasting relationships with all manner of customers, NLH Vehicle Movements is an award-winning company whose unique business model truly shines through its services. Where most vehicle transportation businesses provide more generalised solutions, NLH Vehicle Movements instead recognises that every client has unique business needs that require a certain level of flexibility. Thankfully, with bountiful experience under its belt, the collective has mastered the art of filling the industry’s gaps, allowing it to bring tailored solutions to a relatively static industry. It’s this exclusive business model that truly defines NLH Vehicle Movements – as the only one of its kind, it’s become an invaluable companion within the UK’s industry. Whether it’s carrying out vehicle delivery or collection services for commercial vans, HGVs, and other such automotives, NLH Vehicle Movements has gone the extra mile to accumulate a team that’s wellversed in the logistics industry. Combined with each team member’s respective training, the company manages to consistently offer firstclass services to each and every customer, ultimately resulting in a desire for them to reuse its services whenever the need may arise. NLH Vehicle Movements understands that its presence within the industry is heavily relied upon, and so it has adjusted itself accordingly. Be it through its five-star driver training courses, or its ability to deploy specialists that are able to educate drivers on the capabilities of their vehicles, NLH Vehicle Movements is dedicated to doing so to the highest degree of quality. Regardless of what a customer may require, NLH Vehicle Movements is aptly equipped to take care of every individual aspect, no matter how big or small. Empowered with years of combined experience among its team members, the company takes immense pride in the skillsets it has accumulated – it’s these very skills that allow it to consistently deliver on its promise of unparalleled excellence, resulting in a mutual respect and understanding between both the company and its customers. Partnered with its devotion to honesty, transparency, and integrity, NLH Vehicle Movements capably captures an impeccable professionalism that assures customers that their vehicles are in the very best hands. Since its inception, NLH Vehicle Movements has never failed to meet – and exceed - its clients’ expectations. The key to this success lies with its unrelenting commitment to maintaining effective communication throughout the entire process. From the moment contact is made, to the final handover of a vehicle, NLH Vehicle Movements’ team grants customers access to services that honour their needs, while simultaneously complimenting their nuances. Additionally, the company ensures that it exercises the highest level of control, all in the pursuit of predicting potential issues, and evaluating how to manage them before they arise. As such, it’s developed a dependable framework that the transportation industry has certainly taken note of. NLH Vehicle Movements stands as a shining example of how commercial vehicle transportation should be carried out. Each business deserves to have access to services that recognise their differences and plan accordingly, and no better is this showcased than through the work carried out by this award-winning collective. In amassing such a brimming client base, it has already proven that it’s capable of delivering on each and every request, but we’re certain that NLH Vehicle Movements still has much more to share. We look forward to seeing how it leverages this recent award title to further empower its business. Contact: Lee Hughes Company: NLH Vehicle Movements Web Address: