UK Transport Awards 2024

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 14 Best Global Public Transport Services Company 2024 For over a century, Whippet has served the people of Cambridgeshire with its first-class transport services. Backed by global transport group Ascendal, the company has recently undergone a significant transformation and has seen its patronage grow by over 30% across its expansive network. Recognised in this year’s UK Transport Awards, Whippet prides itself in its rich heritage and commitment to continuous improvement, growth, and excellence. Established in 1919, Whippet was founded in an age when cars were highly priced, and licenses were required to run buses. In its ever-evolving industry, the business leverages the latest technology to maintain its position at the forefront of innovation. Whippet runs the largest fleet of privately funded full electric buses in the UK, supported by high-quality data and accelerated digital transformation. In 2014, the Lee family, founders of Whippet, sold the business to Tower Transit and are now part of the Ascendal Group. Whippet operates full-electric buses on the Universal route for the University of Cambridge with the majority of its fleet meeting the strict ‘Euro VI’ low emission standards. The company also runs national and international coach services for Flixbus and looks forward to serving its valuable community for years to come. Within the UK Transport industry, the rapid progression of zero-emission accessible transport means that cities’ air quality is becoming cleaner, and transport is now more attractive to a broader audience. Whippet has embraced this green transport revolution and discovered that this change resonates extremely well with the younger sustainability generation. There is a growing realisation that the current model of largely privately managed bus services is not providing an accessible transport system and exceeds the travel needs of the population. Whippet is a firm believer in franchising and with Cambridge’s rapid population growth, the company is poised to play a crucial role in the future of sustainable transport. Jonathan Ziebart, Managing Director at Ascendal Group, says, “Congestion on the local road network is undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing the industry in delivery of a transport network that is seen to be reliable and delivers modal shift. Once our buses leave the depot on time, there is limited influence we have over punctuality, and it remains a source of immense frustration for our customers. We remain committed to working with the local highways and planning teams, utility companies, and fellow bus operators to mitigate the impact of this, while constantly looking for improved technology and communication channels to keep our customers informed.” What begun as a small family business in rural Huntingdonshire has evolved into a renowned operator. Throughout its history, Whippet has remained committed to looking after its hardworking team. Management knows everyone on a first-name basis and are not afraid to get stuck in with a new challenge or project. Whippet seeks team players, employing individuals who thrive on collaboration and understand the importance of exceptional customer service. Moving forward, the future for sustainable public transport in Cambridgeshire and the wider East Anglia region looks promising. The Combined Authority in Cambridgeshire is currently considering how buses will play a vital role in the county’s sustainability goals with Whippet’s services ready to connect more people to more places. Ascendal, through its UK operation Whippet, is dedicated to its continuous pursuit of excellence in the short term but has a long-term growth strategy for the future. Driven by core values of reliability, safety, and sustainability, the company has achieved success thanks to its loyal customers and positive internal culture. With a long history of connecting the people of Cambridgeshire, Whippet is passionate about providing reliable transport services to its valued customers. Over the past six months, Whippet has undergone a significant transformation and now regularly delivers close to 100% service compliance. Looking to the future, the company will continue to embrace technological advancement to remain at the forefront of transport innovation. For its quality bus services delivered by Whippet in the UK, we have bestowed on Ascendal this year’s award for Best Global Public Transport Services Company. Company: Ascendal Group Web Address: