UK Transport Awards 2024

MJD Group is a haulage company providing solutions for the transportation of goods of all sizes throughout the UK. Using eco-friendly methods, this company provides efficient and sustainable services to its customers. To celebrate its success in the UK Transport Awards 2024, we present more amazing details about the company below. Most Environmentally-Conscious Haulage Firm 2024 - South East England Based in the Sout East of England, MJD Group has established itself as a leading provider of sustainable delivery solutions throughout various regions of the country. With a modern fleet comprised of lorries, vans, and trailers, this haulage company has the capability to efficiently handle a diverse range of cargo shipments. With an extensive list of clientele that includes industry giants such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, GXO, Wincanton, Asda, Tosca, Tarmac, and many others, MJD Group consistently keeps its fleet in motion to fulfil delivery demands. Nevertheless, the company distinguishes itself with a steadfast commitment to mitigate carbon emissions by embracing environmentally friendly fuels. Through strategic partnerships with Green Bio Fuels – now owned by Certas – and Road Gas, MJD Group harnesses the power of innovative solutions combining GD+HVO and LNG gas technologies. Utilising green diesel (GD+HVO) derived from sustainable, renewable sources alongside liquified natural gas (LNG), this firm pioneered a cleaner-burning alternative to traditional fossil diesel. This concerted effort by MJD Group not only reduces carbon footprints but also significantly decreases greenhouse gas emissions, highlighting MJD Group’s commitment to environmental welfare. By using these alternative fuels, MJD Group has effectively diminished its reliance on fossil fuels, thereby contributing to the global battle against climate change. Furthermore, this proactive approach enables the company to cater to the escalating need for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. As global environmental consciousness continues to rise, MJD Group is eagerly looking forward to introducing electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet by 2025. Having engaged in fruitful discussions with industry leaders such as DAF and Volvo, the company is actively conducting extensive internal research. Spearheaded by a team of skilled and expert professionals dedicated to implementing best practices, MJD Group is all set to lead the way in sustainable transportation innovation. Also working with EcoVadis’ support, MJD Group receives insights which help it to further streamline its environmentally sustainable approach. The great strategies of this haulier company do not end here. Additionally, it has organised its workforce into specialised teams, each dedicated to promptly addressing the specific concerns and needs of customers. The company is also well equipped for counterterrorism, and the department of compliance/security and counterterrorism is supported by vigilant driver supervisors who ensure adherence to established procedures and protocols. With a shared commitment to customer satisfaction, these dedicated professionals deliver dependable and adaptable services tailored to meet the diverse transportation requirements of their clients. Alongside transportation, this company also provides other services including warehousing and heavy goods vehicle (HGV) training. The business has a range of storage options with the latest technologies to ensure the safety and security of its clients’ valuable goods. By offering HGV training, MJD Group aims to help individuals looking to gain their HGV license or an experienced driver who wants to develop their skills and knowledge to learn the latest road safety regulations. The main motif of this training course is to promote focus and professionalism and to help drivers become confident and competent so that they can deliver their clients’ consignments effectively and in a timely manner. For its initiatives which help to reduce its carbon footprint, along with the best customer service, MJD Group truly deserves its recognition as the Most EnvironmentallyConscious Haulage Firm 2024 - South East England. The award made the company truly proud, and the team conveyed their gratitude for its success to its valued customers, suppliers, and partners. We are glad to honour this particular firm for its contribution to environmental conservation. Contact Details Contact: Freddie Bush Company: MJD Group Web Address: