UK Transport Awards 2024

“From 3D modelling, land mapping, traffic data collection to evidence collection for planning disputes, our team are able to provide accurate data utilising drone technology, standard manual counts or video recordings.” Stacey founded Kestrel Surveys with her 11+ years of experience in traffic data collection field and over seven years as a drone pilot. She gained her PFCO qualification in 2018, and since then she has been operating as a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved drone pilot. Combining the two disciplines Stacey created UK’s leading company in using drone technology for traffic surveys. Stacey is also one of few individuals in the country who has experience in using a tethering system which allows the drone to fly non-stop for hours. Additionally, she has experience in filming construction site developments and providing progress updates to clients. She also has skills to provide land mapping and 3D modelling to the developers. Recognising the importance of high-quality data regarding traffic, Stacey started this company with a core value of putting quality first – and the company has built a great reputation by producing a high standard of data for its list of clients. Kestrel Surveys has truly brought a revolution to the transport industry, particularly the data collection field, as it is the first company to embrace this technology within the traffic data collection field whilst continually educating others on the benefits of using this technology. Additionally, this company has been involved in sponsoring Transport Planning Day for three years in a row. This not only supported and helped the event in going ahead, but also guaranteed it could reach a wide network. Stacey was happy to share that the company has achieved its ISO:9001 certificate in 2023. She said, “being one of a very few to incorporate Privacy and Surveillance Functionality for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or drones) into their Quality Management System.” She also explained that 2024 is a time for growth for the company as Kestrel Surveys is able to respond to the growing demand for traffic data collection, with accurate quality data, as it is able to provide the desired important information to all of its clients. Recognising the importance of work life balance, Stacey introduced flexible working hours in her workplace, which enables all of her team members to work independently and effectively while reflecting a positive and productive attitude in their working hours. With enthusiasm towards learning, she emphasised, “Those attributes are vital for us to grow our business, as a business is only good as its staff members.” For Stacey’s innovation and excellence in transport industry Kestrel Surveys has been bestowed with the prestigious title of our Most Innovative Traffic Data Collection Enterprise 2024, and we truly believe that this company deserves this accolade for its all-round expertise and achievements. Contact: Stacey Dix Company: Kestrel Surveys Ltd Web Address: Kestrel Surveys Ltd is a traffic survey company specialising in using drones to capture data. It is the UK’s leading firm in using drone technology to capture traffic data under the leadership of Managing Director Stacey Dix. We had the opportunity to speak with Stacey following the company’s success within the UK Transport Awards 2024. Most Innovative Traffic Data Collection Enterprise 2024