UK Transport Awards 2024

Owned by Filipe Mendes and his family, FMT Logistics Ltd is an award-winning transport and logistics company. Since opening its doors in 2018, this company has been providing cost effective and sustainable transport to its many customers, ensuring maximum client satisfaction. We speak with Filipe Mendes, who provides further insight into the company’s aims and operations. Best Family-Run Transport & Logistics Company 2024 - South West England Based in Swindon, FMT Logistics was established with a passion for transport and logistics and a goal for ultimate customer satisfaction with regards to all of their logistics needs. With its core values centred around compliance and a commitment to continuous improvement, this company invests in development and innovation by introducing new services to meet the needs of its customers. Beholding diversification as the key, FMT Logistics has been solving diverse transportation and logistics challenges across the UK and EU, as it enables the company to hire different people or purchase any given equipment in order to fulfil the requests of its broad list of customers. This company has numerous satisfied clients, all thanks to its committed employees, who ensure it has most up to date equipment and software which helps FMT Logistics to deliver a reliable service that is efficient and compliant. This committed workforce is a part of a company where family culture is implemented with an open door policy. Here all the staff are able to discuss any problems and suggestions openly. Filipe says, “I don't ask my drivers to do anything I wouldn't do myself, the same way I expect them to speak to me about anything bothering them. Ultimately our success is due to them, nothing of what we have achieved would have been possible without their support and flexibility.” FMT Logistics has helped its employees to realise the importance of their contribution in the growth of the business. Additionally, this positive and supportive workforce provides the best customer services by overcoming all of their challenges – adapting to the changes that time and advancement brings to the industry. Today, the Global transport industry is going through changes with regards to digital transformation, electric vehicle usage, alternative fuels, multi modal transport, and new regulations like the ULEZ system and the London DVS Scheme. However, as a new generation business, this company is always open to environmentally friendly alternatives and cost effective options so that it can meet its targets for carbon emission reduction, finding the right option that allows FMT Logistics to meet its customers’ requirements. Furthermore, the company is truly at the forefront of new technologies available to the transport industry. Recently, for its great transportation solutions from retail distribution to general haulage, FMT Logistics has been crowned as the Best Family-Run Transport & Logistics Company 2024 - South West England. Understandably delighted by this prestigious accolade, the director of this family-run business shared some of his future plans for his company. He said that FMT Logistics will continue to follow diversification as a key to the business. Therefore, for this diverse fleet, adding Moffett services and increase its UK-EU-UK volumes for both ambient and temperature-controlled transport. We wish its team the best for all of their future ventures. Contact Details Contact: Filipe Mendes Company: FMT Logistics Ltd Web Address: