UK Transport Awards 2024

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 28 Best Bespoke Driver Training Provider 2024 Part of the Pertemps Network Group, an independent recruitment business, PDT Fleet Training Solutions is a driver training provider offering training courses to both individuals and businesses. Whether a client is a new driver starting from scratch, an established driver seeking to enhance their skills, or a business owner looking to train their team, the company is equipped with the expertise, resources, and facilities to meet their needs. In 2012, PDT Fleet Training Solutions was established by Director Samantha Leleu and her leadership team – Sadie Booth, Andy Smart, and Adrian Thomas – who aimed to provide the commercial driving sector with a solution for training new HGV drivers and enhancing the skills of existing teams. The company strives to invest all profits back into developing the next generation of HGV drivers for its partner business, Pertemps Recruitment. Since its inception, PDT Fleet Training has grown significantly, establishing itself as the largest supplier of on-road and in-classroom driver training services. Every year, the company’s team of qualified trainers and third-party suppliers deliver over 28,000 courses to a national client base of over 300 commercial organisations, who range from SMEs to large enterprises. Its mission is to work with businesses that deploy drivers for at-work driving duties, helping them to improve standards amongst employees, reduce road risk, and ultimately keep people safe. PDT Fleet Training is dedicated to delivering courses that lead to meaningful outcomes. For this reason, it maintains high standards by implementing robust quality assurance processes. The company’s team are at the core of its ability to provide high-quality bespoke courses, representing the brand through their delivery of training. For this reason, in hiring, it seeks individuals who possess not only the necessary expertise but also strong people skills, a team mentality, and a keenness to learn and grow. Furthermore, IT and admin skills are important for new recruits due to the nature of the company’s booking processes. As a team, PDT Fleet Training’s employees are encouraged to proactively support each other in order to ensure that no individual is overloaded. Operating with a strong people-centred culture, they take a handson approach to their work, collaborating in order to achieve common goals. Every team member is encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. Whether it be a proposed change in process that could increase efficiency or a big innovation for training development, PDT Fleet Training’s leadership team strives to ensure that all ideas are heard and given the consideration they deserve. In recent years, the UK transport sector has faced significant challenges, from HGV driver shortages to legislative changes to technological advancement. PDT Fleet Training’s team work closely with clients to create bespoke training courses, enabling them to innovate, design, and test new ways of helping clients to overcome the hurdles they encounter. For example, on the company’s monthly podcast, Driven by Excellence, it invited experts into the studio to share their expertise, discuss the sector’s challenges, and navigate the future of logistics together. One recent industry development witnessed by PDT Fleet Training is the increase in organisations looking to operate more ecological and sustainable fleets. The company has been helping businesses to safely implement electric vehicles into their commercial fleets by working directly with fleet safety teams and manufacturers to design bespoke training courses for EV drivers. PDT Fleet Training has also been collaborating with specialist research teams within universities, helping them to bring their research to life and use their findings to design and implement new processes across the commercial driver sector. As a result of its outstanding work in all areas, PDT Fleet Training has been named Best Bespoke Driver Training Provider in the UK Transport Awards 2024. The last year has been hugely successful for the business, with its team delivering a record of 38,000 training interventions. Looking towards the future, there are several exciting projects on the horizon for PDT Fleet Training, including collaborations with Nottingham University and road safety partnerships with emerging businesses like Co-pilot and PRIM Fleet Standards. Above all, its goal will always be to focus on supporting clients and increasing the standards of commercial drivers on the roads. Contact Details Contact: Sadie Booth Company: PDT Fleet Training Solutions Web Address: fleet training solutions logistics training solutions fleet training solution logistics training solution