UK Transport Awards 2024

Headquartered in Liverpool and with a sister office in Shenzhen, Trinity Logistics Ltd. is a female-led, familyrun supply chain management company offering a complete solution for clients throughout the UK and internationally. With over 20 years of experience in shipping and container handling, transportation, and warehousing, the company has built an outstanding reputation for its professionalism, efficiency, and expertise. With Trinity Logistics, clients can always trust that their goods are in safe hands. Most Innovative International Supply Chain Management Company 2024 - North West England & Best Value Groupage Solutions Provider 2024 Serving businesses across industries like retail, agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more, Trinity Logistics is a trusted partner for supply chain management, taking a modern, globally aware, and innovative approach to its work. With quality service at its core, the company is dedicated to working closely with its clients, no matter their location, to ensure that shipments are handled seamlessly and cost-effectively from start to finish. The team at Trinity Logistics are equipped with an in-depth understanding of logistics management, allowing them to deliver a flexible and forward-thinking solution that can be adapted to the client’s needs and business processes. They think outside of the box when seeking logistics solutions, making decisions that will improve operations and drive things forwards for clients. As a family-run company, Trinity Logistics strives to provide the best standard of service possible, which is why it seeks to hire passionate individuals with industry expertise and excellent customer service skills. Since its inception, Trinity Logistics has persisted through turbulent times. Most recently, it navigated the challenges caused by the pandemic. With drivers from abroad having to return to their home countries and older drivers choosing to retire early, there were significant shortages of HGV drivers. In order to overcome this hurdle, the company has been working to ship goods into the country closer to the end destination, bringing it closer to the end buyer. For example, cargo going to Manchester can be shipped to the nearby Liverpool port, reducing the distance and driving miles on the road. If this isn’t possible, Trinity Logistics utilises rail to move cargo to a local hub for onward delivery. Once the goods reach the UK, they are transported nationally by the Trinity Logistics team rather than a subcontracted service. This not only addresses the recent driver shortage but also makes the supply chain much faster and more sustainable with reduced reliance on long road travel. In recent years, Trinity Logistics has witnessed the transformation of the transport industry as it has worked to become more environmentally friendly by adopting the use of electric trains, trucks, vans, and eco ships. In addition to this, ports are making the switch to greener energy, with significant port plant machinery in Liverpool now running on hydrotreated vegetable oil, whilst warehouses have begun using electric forklifts. In line with these changes, Trinity Logistics has been working with its partners and suppliers to bring new ideas for sustainability to the industry, collaborating closely with ports, rail operations, and hauliers. The company’s Managing Director sits on the board of BITA for the Liverpool chapter, which allows the company to work with other cities and countries to contribute towards the evolving world of logistics. Alongside the active role it plays in the evolution of the transport industry, Trinity Logistics is deeply involved in its community. For example, the company has recently provided sponsorship to a local football team and a child taking part in a worldwide kick boxing championship, as well as having raised over £27,000 for a local breast cancer charity. Furthermore, to inspire local young people to consider careers in shipping and logistics, it takes part in career days at nearby schools and universities. As a result of its provision of cost-effective supply chain management solutions and the innovative approach it takes to overcoming industry challenges, Trinity Logistics has been overwhelmingly successful in the UK Transport Awards 2024. The company has been named both Most Innovative International Supply Chain Management Company and Best Value Groupage Solutions Provider. Looking towards the future, Trinity Logistics will soon be upgrading its operating system, strengthening its team, and updating its website. There are also a number of other exciting announcements to come in 2024. Contact: Lesley Theadorus Company: Trinity Logistics Ltd Web Address: Trinity Logistics Ltd