UK Transport Awards 2024

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 30 Airport Luggage Service Provider of the Year 2024 Luggage-Point is a traveller’s trusted companion, removing the stress from modern air transport with its comprehensive airport passenger services. From Baggage Wrapping and Lost Property, to Shipping and Dry Cleaning, the company is dedicated to refining the airport experience for both passengers and operators. Recognised in this year’s UK Transport Awards, Luggage-Point prides itself on delivering a professional and efficient service to give passengers ultimate peace of mind. Losing luggage can be a traveller’s worst nightmare. At Luggage-Point, the team provides essential luggage services to ensure that passengers’ belongings are protected. It is Luggage-Point’s overarching mission to enhance the airport experience with its suite of exceptional solutions. Whether customers need to organise shipping, require a safe place to store their luggage, or need their bag wrapped, a friendly and dedicated team is always on hand to assist. The Luggage-Point team are passionate professionals who operate across several world-renowned airports including Birmingham Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport, and London Luton Airport. With their combined years of experience, the team understand the importance of outstanding customer service and know how to optimise service for the benefit of passengers and airports. Luggage-Point is committed to streamlining travel experiences by presenting passengers with solutions to increase efficiency and minimise stress. Its wide range of services aim to meet and satisfy passengers’ needs. Additionally, LuggagePoint is a one-stop travel shop with one of the largest and most diverse collections of travel essentials. Its store features suitcases, travel bags, wallets, and travel accessories from esteemed brands such as Delsey, Eastpak, Ted Baker, Go Travel, and more. For those who do experience lost property, Luggage-Point is committed to reuniting passengers with their belongings with the support of its 24-hour online service and dedicated Lost Property helplines. Passengers can search for their valued items in real time by accessing the company’s online search facility. Luggage-Point strives to respond to enquiries as soon as possible and its unparalleled customer service has set the airport provider apart within its industry. Boasting an Excellent rating through Trustpilot, Luggage-Point is recognised across the UK as passengers’ trusted airport services provider. Claire Gallagher, one valued customer, says, “The staff were all very helpful with their approach. They were able to find my lost item, inform me, and help to arrange the shipping of my item to me. My item arrived safely, and without any damage due to being carefully packaged.” Luggage-Point’s Left Luggage services provide passengers with a safe and secure way to store their luggage and personal items on a short or long-term basis. With this cost-effective alternative, travellers can avoid paying excess baggage fees or carrying heavy items while they wait for check-in and explore the local area. All items left in the care of its diligent team are covered by the company’s Goods in Trust insurance and monitored by 24/7 CCTV. Luggage-Point strives to alleviate passengers’ burden while guaranteeing the safety of their personal possessions. For goods too heavy or inconvenient to travel with, Luggage-Point offers a shipping service to get safely items from point A to B. From large items and business documents to a special present for a loved one, the business understands the importance of time-sensitive shipping and handling valuable goods. Whether packages are express or urgent, lost property or confiscated items, LuggagePoint transports all deliveries to their desired destination efficiently and securely. Mrs MA, another satisfied customer, says, “I have been completely astounded at the level of service I received from your lost property office. In a world of computer-generated responses and automatic menu options, your team delivered outstanding personal service, making me feel better for leaving my item behind. They were delightful and extremely helpful, going above and beyond to help find my item and deal with it efficiently. I am extremely grateful.” No other company understands the challenges of modern air travel quite like Luggage-Point. Its award-winning services and innovative solutions continue to have a positive impact on the lives of airport passengers. With the support of its experienced team, the company delivers an optimal travel experience. Moving forward, Luggage-Point will continue to enhance its services to meet passengers’ evolving needs and provide them with absolute peace of mind. For its reliable airport services, we have bestowed on Luggage-Point our award for Airport Luggage Service Provider of the Year. Contact: Marc Stewart Company: Luggage-Point Web Address: