UK Transport Awards 2024

It is no secret that across a business environment, the top priority is almost always profit, and this unfortunately is at odds with environmental concerns as a result of the hefty price tag of operating in a manner that is deemed to be truly sustainable. Through its perfect power source offering, Forktruck Solutions focuses on both of these areas and more, demonstrably benefiting the triple bottom line of people, profits, and the planet. Thanks to the pioneering work done by the team in this sector, customers of the business no longer face the unenviable choice of improving their carbon footprint or boosting their profits, as this solution is as environmentally conscious as it is business smart. Heartily encouraging all material handling businesses to join it on this one-way path towards beneficial change, Forktruck Solutions has a successful track record of helping to transform client business across the UK, from international logistics and distribution centres through to worldwide retailers, manufacturers, and warehouses. After all, lithium already powers the world around us, present in the batteries of our phones, smartwatches, laptops, and other similar devices, and this, combined with the fact that diesel forklift truck owners now have to pay the pump prices like other customers, mean that the time for the future is now. Aside from talking the talk, Forktruck Solutions has proven itself adept in walking the walk, possessing a reputation of affording its clients excellence at every turn, present from its cost-effective service delivery through to a robust after sales process to expertly handle a customer’s every need. This includes taking care of the vehicles and equipment in question, with this team carrying out everything from simple and routine repairs to a service and maintenance check, or even providing a whole new replacement vehicle should it be deemed necessary. While the business’ offerings are vast and include the likes of order pickers, pallet trucks, Combilifts, Aisle Masters, and utility vehicles, its premier offerings, and ultimately that which has it won it this award, are its eco-friendly forklift trucks, with this expansive range of state-of-theart electric vehicles being incredibly impressive. With a number of three- and four-wheel electric fork trucks to choose from, it is easier than ever before to wholeheartedly embrace the future, as these vehicles are just as efficient and robust as their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, but with zero emissions. Forktruck Solutions’ three-wheel electric fork truck selection serves as textbook examples of modern goods handling, with these vehicles blending a compact design and excellent manoeuvrability to act as the zenith of agile, versatile, and powerful material handling equipment. With the three models available including a multitude of features, there is something for every need. Take the EFS 151 for example, it is the ideal choice for compact spaces and buildings with low-ceilings and narrow aisles, while the TLD 161/201 is perfect to prioritise the experience of the user, reducing distractions and maximising comfort. Equally as distinguished is the business’ four-wheel options, and with these expertly engineered products appeasing the needs of forklift aficionados everywhere, no terrain or weight is too much for them to handle. Thanks to the six options that are available to choose from, there is once more something for everyone, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of their specific material handling needs. Perhaps the most impressive item in this line-up is the EFL702/1002, a huge, powerful diesel retrofit that maintains all of the perks of diesel while eradicating emissions and aligning closely with the demands of a modern business. In essence, catering to the demands of these modern businesses is the forte of Forktruck Solutions Ltd, and in a world crippled by climate change, there is no time like the present to set about making the adjustments to ensure a prosperous future, a process that can begin with the cost-effective method of switching to lithium-powered lifting solutions. Contact: Cameron Duffy Company: Forktruck Solutions Ltd Web Address: Operating out of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, Forktruck Solutions Ltd is immensely proud to be the first supplier in the UK that only uses lithium power for its fleet of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, the culmination of a journey of exploring all avenues of innovative technology to spur an industry-wide change. Having come an incredibly long way in a relatively short space of time, it is the mission of this business to make measurable progress towards attaining a greener, more sustainable future for all, all the while ensuring that the switch to lithium is assessable, affordable, and makes genuine business sense, a continuous undertaking at which it excels. Best Eco-Friendly Forklift Truck Provider 2024